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Lecture Capture

Transform your classroom capture experience

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Today’s classroom already extends beyond the classroom walls. From flipped classrooms to remote learning, students are engaging with learning material far away from the lecture hall. As a generation raised on YouTube, they go to video first for their answers. Tomorrow’s classroom will need to put every class, every lecture right at their fingertips. Classroom capture makes this a reality.

Classroom Capture: Capture Everywhere, Manage Once

From the smallest classes to the biggest lecture halls, manage all your lecture recordings from any lecture capture hardware. With Kaltura Lecture Capture, record every single class, no matter where it takes place or what hardware/technology is being used.

Just Hit Record

The Kaltura Lecture Capture system offers a simple, streamlined software-based tool that allows users to effortlessly record cameras and screen captures from any Windows computer, with just one click.

Centralized Video for Cross-Campus and Beyond

Build on the backbone of the world’s leading educational video platform. Automatically publish course capture recordings to your Learning Management System courses. Enrich videos with captioning, interactive video quizzes, advanced metadata, and more, for video that truly engages its audience.

Key Features
  • Easy Management

    • Record all classrooms, not just major auditoriums

    • Manage all recordings from any Open Capture Standard lecture capture recording hardware in one place

    • Offer students an interactive viewing experience with their choice of side-by-side and picture-in-picture views, so they can focus on what’s important to them

    • Make lectures more powerful with the full advantages of the Kaltura platform, including editing and enhancing with captions, quizzes, and more

  • Easy Recording

    • Simple user interface: one click to record, with no extra setup or learning curve

    • Managed deployment on any Windows computer

    • Record up to 4 cameras and screen captures in Full HD (1080p)

    • Upload automatically in the background, then publish directly to courses

    • Schedule recordings on the classroom recording system in advance through the video portal or LMS, or record ad hoc

  • Easy Video for the Entire Campus

    • Use one platform for lecture capture, personal capture, VOD, and live broadcast

    • Share classroom capture videos easily across the campus for teaching and learning, marketing, admissions, student life, athletics, alumni relations, and more

    • Make the latest course recordings always available to your students in your LMS, or add to any other video application

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