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Interactive Video

Create immersive video experiences for user engagement

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Drive deeper engagement and meaningful data with navigable, personalized videos. Through Rapt Media Interactive Videos integrated within the MediaSpace portal, build choice-based branching videos whose endings change depending on the viewer’s choices, driving deeper engagement, greater learning, and accelerated behavior change.

Rapt Media now part of Kaltura Suite of Video Products

In May 2018, Kaltura acquired Rapt Media. Now, the cutting edge interactive branching video technology that Rapt Media pioneered is an integrated part of the Kaltura video platform. The acquisition follows a successful partnership and integration in 2017 and solidifies Kaltura’s role as the leading global provider of interactive video capabilities. As Kaltura expands the breadth of its solutions for learning and development as well as customer education and marketing, Rapt Media’s branching video tools are a natural addition to the company’s existing range of video engagement capabilities, including its Interactive Video Quizzes, Editing Tools, In-Video Calls-to-Action, and more.

Why interactive video?

Increased user action
Interactive experiences allow for user control, which generates student participation and action.

Increased data & insights associated with user navigation
Just as analysts gain insights from website navigation, instructors  can better understand student preferences, behavior, and learning progress through interactive video.

How It Works
  • Build choice-based, interactive experiences in minutes directly within Kaltura MediaSpace.

    • Simple media management: Connect videos, link out to additional content, create calls to action, and more—all without writing any code.

    • Drag-and-drop editing: Drag-and-drop content to easily arrange and form ‘branching’ interactive narratives.


  • Your interactive videos served up in your trusted Kaltura player.

    • Flexible distribution: Publish interactive videos to your MediaSpace and share experiences with your organization anywhere, anytime.

    • Embeddable player: Build once, distribute everywhere. Embed the Kaltura player in any webpage to maximize the impact of your interactive experiences.

  • Gain valuable insights with every click of a button.

    • Measurable actions: Craft experiences around your pedagogical goals and measure custom metrics that align directly with your teaching rubrics.

    • Behavioral insights: Track student engagement, better understand viewer behavior, and gain insights through choices made.

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