With Kaltura Webcasting, refocus webcasting on the user experience. Innovative design helps presenters shine, producers relax, and participants engage. Kaltura’s robust infrastructure ensures reliable delivery, anywhere. Automated slide synching and customizable views create a flawless, inviting environment. With automated transition from live to VOD and a secure, seamless integration with your corporate infrastructure, you can create an impression that lasts.

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Kaltura Webcasting Solution

Features and Benefits

Mass communication made personal, effortless, and exciting.

Effortless Engagement

  • Use intuitive presenter tools to look ahead to upcoming slides and access speaker notes
  • Switch Q&A on and off at will, and synchronize on recording
  • Allow viewers to watch broadcast from any device
  • Enable viewers to focus on what most interests them
    • Pause and rewind with DVR during live event
    • Swap between video and slides to focus on what the viewer is most interested in

Streamlined Workflow

  • Present full-screen slides on large screen to in-person attendees while broadcasting to remote audiences
  • Automatically synch slides with video, no mixing necessary
  • Monitor live analytics during the event
  • Use existing permission sets to ensure secure access to events
  • Simplify workload with centralized event management within your video portal

Lasting Impact

  • Publish a single, persistent URL for accessing both live and VOD
  • Use slides and chapters to navigate the video and search for keywords
  • Seamlessly edit slides in the VOD even after the presentation is complete

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