Video Transcoding and Processing


Our system is built to support any transcoding workflow you define. Just upload the content, we’ll transcode it into multiple flavors, and deliver it with adaptive bitrate technology, for the best viewing experience on any device. You can also control the entire process yourself by using your own transcoder.

Kaltura Transcoding CloudTranscoding Cloud

Our cloud-based transcoding quickly converts any type of uploaded video into a variety of flavors (optimized output files), so that your viewers get the best quality video on any device. Using our enterprise-class transcoding cloud rids you of the expense and hassle of maintaining your own transcoding hardware.

Multi Bitrate, Multi Format

Kaltura Mult-flavor Transcoding

Our system automatically detects the viewer’s connection speed and device capabilities and delivers the optimal video flavor. In the case of changing network conditions, Kaltura will adapt mid-stream to deliver uninterrupted playback.


Transcoding Decision Engine

Our transcoding decision engine provides you with optimal video quality while maintaining minimal storage costs. The engine analyzes each source file, and determines the optimal output files required for high-quality delivery to any device.

Use the Transcoder of Your Choice

You can use your own transcoder, or a third party transcoding service, with either Kaltura On-Prem or Hosted (SaaS) Edition. Hosted Platform (SaaS) customers can upload the transcoded content to Kaltura, or stream from their own network/third-party CDN, and simply use Kaltura to manage the metadata and settings.

Image Manipulation

Scale, crop and rotate images and even grab images from your favorite frame in a video. Get fancy with our developer tools and API, or manage and manipulate your images with the Management Console.