Kaltura Premier Partner: ThetaLake

Artificial Intelligence based video review and compliance platform

Theta Lake enables Financial Services, Healthcare, and other regulated organizations to simplify and streamline compliance review, supervision, and retention of Kaltura video content. Natural language processing and machine learning power a purpose-built product suite for automatic policy detection of corporate compliance, conduct, and regulatory risks (both audio and visual), AI-assisted supervision workflow, and compliant archiving for Kaltura videos.

How does Theta Lake improve video review and supervision?

  • Automated Risk Prioritization and Detection: Natural language processing and deep learning power 30 built-in policies, with the ability to create custom policies, to automate detection of compliance risk and focus review efforts on high-risk content
  • Transcript Supervision: Run scripts through policy checks, along with comparing approved scripts to the recorded audio to ensure compliance
  • Secure, WORM Compliant Archive and Retention: Rule-based policies for long-term retention, legal holds, and eDiscovery

How does Theta Lake improve operational efficiencies of video supervision?

  • Faster Approval of Marketing and Sales Videos: AI enables compliance teams to concentrate review on identified risks and automate approval of low-risk content
  • AI-Assisted Workflow: Robust review workspace tools along with AI workflow insights enable non-technical reviewers to more easily, efficiently, and consistently deal with recording supervision
  • Kaltura Integration: Automatic ingestion of video content for supervision and archiving

How can Theta Lake improve your Kaltura video ROI?

  • More Compliant Videos: Enable business to reap benefits of Kaltura while maintaining compliance and supervision controls
  • Top Line Benefits: Expand video into more revenue generating opportunities without materially increasing costs of compliance review