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Unlimited sessions Non-concurrent sessions only. Single sessions length cannot exceed 13 hours.
Up to 30 participants per session
Fully cloud-based Kaltura Webinars is a cloud-based platform and doesn't require any download or software installation.
Mobile-friendly interface Participants can join your webinar from their mobile device.
Plus all Standard plan features The Free Trial version of Kaltura Webinars grants you access to all the features of the Standard plan for a period of 7 days, except for breakout rooms and live quizzes, which are available from our paid plans only.
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Best for small or medium-sized webinars

$120 $99
1 room/month 1 room/month
Up to 5 moderators and panelists
Up to 250 participants per session
25 hours of cloud recording
Unlimited sessions Non-concurrent sessions only. Single sessions length cannot exceed 13 hours.
Granular moderator controls Including attendee permissions, room password and“lock-the-door” features
Branding options
Chat and moderated Q&A
Screenshare, whiteboard, and in-session HD video playback
Persistent room Files and content uploaded to the room are saved in the same state across sessions
Session analytics
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Best for large audiences

$149 $124
1 room/month 1 room/month
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Up to 10 moderators and panelists
Up to 500 participants per session
60 hours of cloud recording
Unlimited sessions Non-concurrent sessions only. Single sessions length cannot exceed 13 hours.
All Standard plan features, plus
Breakout rooms Divide your participants into smaller workgroups in separate virtual rooms
Quick polls Embed multiple-choice questions into your video to evaluate engagement and content comprehension.
Quizzes Embed multiple-choice questions into your video to evaluate engagement and content comprehension.
Premium support
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Powerful solution for all your enterprise needs

Custom Custom
Above 10 rooms Above 10 rooms
Let's Talk
Large room options
Cloud recording
Unlimited sessions
All Premium plan features, plus
Landing site with recordings and additional content
Room branding options
Custom domain URL
Full API access
Live broadcast from room
Recording analytics
Open data standards Support for xAPI and LTI
Enterprise support
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All Plans Include

Persistent Rooms

Prepare your session ahead of time with a content playlist and digital whiteboards.

Mobile App

Kaltura Video Conferencing app can be used to connect to any webinar session.

Breakout Rooms

Divide your participants into smaller groups for open discussion and teamwork

In-Session Video Playback

Enjoy a seamless viewing experience with Kaltura’s playback technology integrated to the session flow.

Quick Polls

Set up interactive polls with a single click to engage your audience.

Engagement Score

Evaluate the performance of your sessions with detailed analytics.

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All plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee.
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Kaltura Webinars provides a larger interactive solution, making it more engaging for attendees. It also provides a way for us to use our learning modules as thought leadership or posts on social media. And it’s all hosted in one place. Kaltura Webinars completely changed the way we view learning.

Melanie Crowsey

Digital Media Producer, Thomson Reuters

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kaltura Webinars?

Kaltura Webinars is a video-based solution to create interactive presentations or workshops for a larger audience. Webinars are equipped with tools that improve attendee engagement, such as digital whiteboards, breakout rooms, and quick polls.

What are persistent rooms?

A persistent room is a virtual space that is yours and stays the way you set it up. You can prepare your room with notes on the whiteboard, presentation slides, and content playlists, leave it, and then come back when your webinar is about to start.

What happens when I use up my hours of cloud recording?

Your Webinars plan includes a monthly number of hours of cloud recording. Did you reach your limit? No worries. You can just continue your cloud recording without interruption. It will be added to your monthly invoice at a rate of $3/hour ($2.5/hour for yearly subscriptions).

What kind of support does Kaltura offer?

Kaltura offers resources such as online documentation, learning site, developer documentation, and chat support. Kaltura enterprise customers have a dedicated customer success manager, 24/7 technical support team, and optional specialized support services.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my pricing plan at any point?

Yes. You can change your subscription plan at any point, from your account settings. The pricing difference will be made up for in your next billing.

Can I record my webinar?

Absolutely! Kaltura Webinars makes it easy to create cloud recordings to share with attendees and repurpose your webinar video content as marketing collateral.

Is there a free plan for Kaltura Webinars?

Yes! Our free trial lets you try out Kaltura Webinars for 7 days. Then, you can purchase a paid plan and keep all the information and data from your free trial. Sign up for a free trial in the plans above.

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