Kaltura Virtual Events

All-in-one event management solution for branded event experiences.

Design Event Experiences

  • Customized registration forms
  • Personalized attendee journeys
  • Searchable session catalog
  • Support for different session types: live, pre-recorded, interactive, and more
  • Networking and chat
  • Localized and accessible
  • Sponsor packages Including detailed lead reports for maximal ROI​
  • Real-time analytics

Your Brand Event Templates

  • All event sizes and types From webinars to multi-day, multi-track events, design multiple templates that match events of all sizes and types​
  • Fully branded templates
  • Flagship events Build unique experiences for your key events all within one platform

Manage All Events in One Place

  • Manage All Events in One Place
  • Roles and permissions for events
  • Robust content management Leverage content across events and ensure centralized controls
  • Track and compare event performance

Built for Enterprise

  • Integrations with CRM and marketing automation
  • Global scale supporting 100s of thousands of attendees
  • Native platform experience From live broadcast to interactive webinars, chat, and registration – all native to the Kaltura platform
  • High quality video broadcast both live and pre-recorded, supporting 4K video

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kaltura Virtual Events?

Kaltura Events Platform is an all-in-one events platform that will help you launch interactive, branded experiences to audiences of any size, from sales kick-offs to multi-day, multi-track events. Event experiences are based on flexible templates designed especially for your brand needs.

What are branded event templates?

Branded event template are custom built for each of your event types from simple webinars to complex multi-day, multi-track events, meeting the needs of your entire event portfolio. Templates are fully branded and customizes to you needs, enabling you to launch hundreds of events with a click.

What kind of support does Kaltura offer?

You’ll have access to online documentation, a dedicated customer success manager, a 24/7 support package, and a dedicated events team for planning and supporting your events.

Does Kaltura offer event production services?

Yes! Kaltura can help you set up a successful and stress-free event with live monitoring, encoding services, and complete white-glove production services.

What happens after the event ends?

Kaltura Virtual Events makes it easy to leverage your content after the event is over. Session recordings are available within the event site and attendees can catch up on what they missed.

How do I make my event more engaging?

With Kaltura Virtual Events you can create a highly interactive experience with leaderboards, live audience reactions, polls, and interactive video paths. There’s endless possibilities!

Does Kaltura Virtual Events offer sponsor packages?

Yes! Kaltura supports custom sponsor packages including dedicated landing pages, content and sessions, chat, demo rooms, sponsored notifications, ads, and much more.

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