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Rich video creation and editing tools
Quality video playback on any device
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In-depth analytics
Advanced video management and controls
Support for SSO and multi-auth
Integrations with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.
Support plans
And much more…
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We’re using our KPMG Video Portal for learning and internal communications. It provides a single repository for all of our video content, so our people know where to go. And that’s available on their laptops and on their mobile devices. Another really exciting feature is the analytics it gives us, so we can create KPIs and get some insights into the return on our investment.

Faisal Ijaz

Associate Director, Markets at KPMG China
Faisal Ijaz - KPMG

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kaltura Video Portal?

Kaltura Video Portal is a hub for all your organization’s video needs, from creation, editing, sharing, and collaboration. Kaltura Video Portal can be used for employee training, executive messaging, video libraries, knowledge sharing and collaboration, and much more.

What kind of support does Kaltura offer?

Kaltura offers online resources such as user and admin documentation, learning site, developer documentation, and Customer Community Center. Kaltura enterprise customers have a dedicated customer success manager, 24/7 technical support team, and optional specialized support services.

Is the Kaltura Video Portal mobile friendly?

Yes! Kaltura Video Portal uses adaptive bitrate to deliver seamless playback on any device. Users can even capture and upload video from their mobile devices.

Why not use YouTube instead?

YouTube does not offer enterprise-grade features such as roles and permissions, branding, moderation, recording tools, user analytics, etc. as Kaltura Video Portal does. You also won’t have any control over ads and other videos that will be displayed alongside your content.

Does Kaltura Video Portal have interactive features?

Absolutely! With Kaltura Video Portal your content will stand out with quizzes, video paths, chapters and slides, hotspots, and more.

Is the Kaltura Video Portal accessible?

Kaltura prides itself on being inclusive and accessible. The video portal is accessible with dedicated video accessibility features like captions.

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