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The University of Northampton Partners with Kaltura to Launch an Enhanced Interactive Campus Experience for its Students

Kaltura video solutions integrate with new campus and smaller classrooms, as part of the University’s roadmap to digitise learning

Kaltura, the leading video technology company, announced today that it has renewed its partnership with the University of Northampton to power an enhanced learning experience, through video, for its faculty and students across the University’s newly launched Waterside Campus. The University of Northampton has put active blended learning at the heart of its learning and teaching strategy, with a new campus that has no large lecture theatres.

As part of its efforts to provide a collaborative and interactive learning environment for its students, the University of Northampton works with Kaltura to deliver video for flipped-learning, student assignments, module introductions, in-video-quizzing, and more. Using Kaltura’s solution, video is integrated with the University’s Blackboard VLE and WordPress blogging platform, providing a seamless experience for students.

As next steps in this partnership, Northampton plan to launch Kaltura’s Interactive Video Paths to create real-life learning scenarios such as mock-up crime scenes for their policing course or emergency scenarios with decision points for paramedic students. The University will also launch a video mobile app allowing students and staff to create or consume video on-the-go.

The University of Northampton recently opened the new Waterside Campus, which today welcomes about 12,000 students and 2,000 staff. In building the new campus the move towards active blended learning was clear, to the extent that its Waterside Campus has no large lecture theatres at all – the average classroom accommodates around thirty students, and its largest space is only able to accommodate eighty.

With flipped classrooms and active learning in mind, the University of Northampton now allows staff to pre-record lectures and deliver course content online ahead of the class using the Kaltura technology, so that academics can focus class time on open discussions and active learning.

“Thanks to the Kaltura video platform, our lecturers can now pre-record subject content and use class-time for discussion and exploration of ideas, rather than the delivery of lectures”, said Robert Farmer, Learning Technology Manager at the University of Northampton.  ‘In addition, Kaltura also allows lecturers to make content interactive by adding link-out buttons or embedding quizzes or polls into video so they can track student responses.”

According to a statistical study by Paul Rice, Learning Developer at the University, students’ performance is significantly improved after watching video with embedded quiz questions.

Commenting on the partnership, Rob Howe, Head of Learning Technology at the University of Northampton said: “Kaltura supports one of the most modern new campus developments in the world. For the purpose of learning in higher education, video technology is a key enabler; and Kaltura has enabled us to provide personalisation, engagement, flexibility and accessibility for all of our students.”

Through these powerful tools, the University of Northampton will be able to better engage with its Gen Z students, by allowing them to play an active role and interact in a variety of ways in and outside the classroom, in the field, in the lab, in the studio and in the workplace.

Dr. Michal Tsur, Co-founder and President of Kaltura – Enterprise and Learning commented: “We’re increasingly seeing video used not just as a supplemental tool, but as a fundamental and integral part of the learning experience.” And added: “It is truly an honor to see leading educational institutions like the University of Northampton fully leveraging our video tools, like capture, interactive video quizzing, and live streaming to build a learning environment that truly engages today’s learners.”


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