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New Education Industry Guide: Educational Institutions Need to Develop a Video Management Strategy

A guide published by Kaltura, helps campus CIOs and other institutional officials implement a strategy for using and managing video and media assets for instruction, training and institutional promotional efforts.

Kaltura Inc., the leading open source video platform, today announced the release of a new industry campus guide, sponsored by Kaltura, that analyzes the challenges educational institutions are facing around online video.  The guide includes an overview of the challenges colleges and universities confront because of the exploding use of video that was prepared by Kenneth C. Green of The Campus Computing Project. It also includes an interview with Eric Denna, the CIO for the 10-campus Utah System of Higher Education, and profiles the efforts of leading educational institutions that are deploying a video strategy across campus, plus a useful glossary of relevant terms.

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“Every minute of every day tens of thousands of people across the globe upload the equivalent of 100 hours of new video to YouTube™,” says Green, yet less than 30% of CIO’s and senior campus IT officers representing some 540-plus U.S. colleges and universities surveyed by Campus Computing in fall 2012 report that their institution had a strategic plan for content management.”  For most campuses, notes Green, “a video management strategy is an after the fact initiative as opposed to an ahead of the curve strategy.”

“The feedback we hear constantly from the market is that educational institutions are in need of guidance on how to tackle online video in the most cost-effective and future-proof fashion,” said Kaltura Chairman and CEO, Ron Yekutiel. “This Guide is geared towards guiding CIOs and their counterparts, on how to deal with this growing medium and centrally deploy and manage a cross-campus digital media strategy.”

The Campus Computing Project ( is the largest continuing study of eLearning and information technology in American higher education. The project is widely cited by both campus officials and corporate executives as a definitive source for data, information, and insight about IT planning and policy issues affecting colleges and universities. 

Kaltura is presenting its range of video solutions at Educause 2013 at booth 1566.                               

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