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Kaltura to Power ‘Health & Tech – Now & Beyond’ Virtual Event, Hosted by AWS and Triventures

New Interactive Virtual Event Dedicated to HealthTech Innovation in Light of the New Normal Will Take Place on July 29th

Kaltura, the video cloud, announced today that its virtual events platform will power the ‘Health & Tech – Now & Beyond’ event on July 29th. The online event is presented by  Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Triventures, a venture capital firm investing in seed to mid-stage opportunities with a focus on data-driven healthcare solutions that are strongly positioned to advance the industry .

The reach of technological innovation and disruption into healthcare has been snowballing for quite some time. Correspondingly, so have funding and investments in HealthTech start-ups. Now, COVID-19 has significantly altered this trend.


At the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, tech companies and startups were quick to respond to the medical staff’s emerging needs, rapidly scaling up existing solutions, taking advantage of cloud infrastructure, with additional ad-hoc, all-hands-on-deck efforts. Six months into the new normal, we can now use this opportunity to explore the challenges facing our health services and offer long-term solutions that will enhance care quality and facilitate new workflows. For that to happen, the industry needs  new disruptors, but also cross-industry innovation to tailor existing products and technologies to fit the current state of the healthcare industry.


Recognizing the vast opportunity that cross-industry initiatives have in healthcare, AWS, Triventures, and Kaltura have organized the Health & Tech – Now & Beyond event on July 29th at 3:30 pm (CEST). Speaking at the event are Dr. Peter Fitzgerald, Managing Partner at Triventures and Director of the Center of Cardiovascular Technology at Stanford University, and Netalie Nadivi, Partner at Triventures, who will discuss how technology is reshaping healthcare as we know it. Guy Spigelman, EMEA Lead, Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups at Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL, will be sharing tips for leaning on the cloud to develop solutions to address current challenges in the industry. Guy will discuss machine learning services and how to build for compliance on the cloud. Following the keynotes is a live startup panel on the opportunities and challenges in healthcare  with special guests Srulik Dvorsky, CEO & Co-Founder of Tailormed, and Eldad Rothman, COO & Co-Founder of Both have led their teams towards incredible success with products fit for present day healthcare market needs and changing behaviors. Joining them on the panel is Mirit Kagarlitsky, Sr. Director Healthcare Technology at Kaltura.


Broadcasting live, Kaltura will power the event leveraging its interactive virtual event solution, purposely built for the next generation of online events with an interactive and hyper-engaging attendee experience. Participants of the event will also enjoy a wide range of virtual networking opportunities and 1X1 video meeting rooms, personalized on-demand educational videos, as well as a multitude of two-way dialogue interactions through polls, live Q&A, chat, and more.


Netalie Nadivi, Partner at Triventures, said: “In the shadow of the pandemic, the world finally understands that virtual care and accessibility of healthcare services is a must have, rather than a nice to have. The solutions that will best address these challenges are those that intelligently converge the best of health and tech solutions. There are immense opportunities to leverage assets accumulated historically in non-health verticals to reshape the healthcare industry. This is the time to take part in the data-driven health space which is witnessing unprecedented growth.”



“In the past years video experiences have become a critical component in the digital transformation of our healthcare and pharmaceutical customers, and a critical component of health-tech platforms, whether for patient engagement, for knowledge sharing by and with physicians, as well as for remote healthcare experiences.  I am excited to power this virtual event experience with Kaltura’s platform, and to inspire the healthtech community with the possibilities that video technology offers.” said Dr. Michal Tsur, Kaltura Co-founder and President.


COVID-19 has forced us all to pay closer attention to our well-being. While that might end up being a significant driver of digital health advancement and adoption, behavioral changes, patient expectations, new regulations, aging populations and more, will all play a key part in it. Presently, we are far from realizing the full potential and possibilities this $10.5 trillion market has to offer, now more than ever.  These unprecedented circumstances call for more entrepreneurs to take on these challenges, and more technology companies to adapt their products for the healthcare industry.



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