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Kaltura Releases Video App for Canvas

The University of Utah pioneers the market with its deployment of the new App, and expands the University’s use of Kaltura’s Education Video Solutions

Kaltura, the leading open source video platform, announced today that it has released a new Video App for Canvas. Kaltura’s extension combines the company’s market leading education video platform with Instructure’s Learning Management System, into a seamless user experience that leverages video to dramatically improve teaching and learning, as well as engagement and collaboration between faculty and students. The University of Utah is expanding its usage of Kaltura’s Cross Campus Video Suite, and is the first university to deploy the new App.

“We are delighted to further provide value to the University of Utah, a true pioneer in the market. With the addition of the Canvas App, Kaltura uniquely provides fully integrated video extensions for all major Learning Management Systems,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman & CEO. “We are seeing huge adoption of our LMS and CampusTube video solutions as video increasingly plays a key role in today’s educational trends – be it Flipped Classrooms, MOOCs, SPOCs or Social Learning.”

“As one of the first universities to adopt Canvas, the University of Utah actively encourages innovative education technology platforms and integrations,” said Cory Stokes, Executive Director, Teaching & Learning Technologies at the University of Utah. “Kaltura’s Canvas Video App greatly improves the faculty and student experience using media in their classes.”

Kaltura’s Video App takes teaching and learning within Canvas (as well as other LMS platforms) beyond the confines of the individual course with a comprehensive set of student and faculty focused video tools, including:

  • User Generated Content (UGC) tools: video upload, webcam capture, screen recording, video presentation (PowerPoint sync), and  mobile device capture for simple creation of video by any user directly within Canvas
  • Personal Media Library for every student and teacher: each student and teacher has their own ‘my media’ page that allows them to upload content once and re-publish / re-use in multiple places
  • Rich text editor integration: users can intuitively use rich media without time-consuming training, by simply clicking on the “Embed Kaltura Media” editor button. Uploading and recording of new media is also available from within the rich text editor
  • Enhanced Video Analytics: instructors can easily access course-specific video analytic reports directly from the LMS. learn which videos are most viewed, which users are most engaged and which users contributed the most content to your Media Gallery
  • Full mobile and device support: optimal playback on any device allows institutions to reach their students on the go
  • Advanced User Access Control and Rights Management: use any of the existing Canvas permissioning options. Administrators can control access per video file, geographic location, domain, and the IP address range from which the video can be viewed
  • Accessibility: player is ADA/508 compliant by default
  • Captions: upload multi-lingual captions to reach international, multi-lingual, and hearing-impaired audiences while also enabling in-video search within the captions
  • Comments: boosts online conversations and user engagement by allowing users to comment on videos

Yekutiel added: “Educational institutions need to provide to today’s ‘YouTube generation’ the enriched video experience that they have come to expect and demand. Our education video solutions, including this new Canvas Video App, allow universities, K-12 schools and ed-tech companies to do just that.”

Kaltura’s Canvas Video App is built based on the modular and flexible Kaltura Application Framework, which allows for the easy and rapid insertion of robust video workflows into existing products such as Canvas.  By way of this integration, educational institutions and their users can continuously benefit from the ongoing innovation at Kaltura, which is also supported by a community of more than 80,000 developers. The Kaltura Application Framework is hosted on the Kaltura cloud, which means new features and developments are automatically available without the need to upgrade the integration. Using applications based on the Kaltura Application Framework, institutions can centrally manage all media content and associated metadata and avoid overhead and silos.

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