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Kaltura Releases Version 3.0 of its Community Edition Open Source Video Platform

Kaltura Community Edition 3.0 (CE 3.0) includes Kaltura’s full-featured platform and source code for free, with latest additions such as Ad Network Integration, Custom Metadata Support, Mobile Handset Transcoding, Sphinx Search, and a Cloud-based Deployme

Kaltura, Inc. (, developer of the first open source online video platform, announced today that it has released version 3.0 of the Kaltura Video Platform Community Edition – the company’s free, community-supported video platform. Community Edition version 3.0 now includes the full feature set of Kaltura’s Commercial Editions, as well as a new cloud-based deployment option. The new version of Kaltura Community Edition is available for free download here:

“We are thrilled to freely share with the world exciting new features that we have developed, and are even more so proud of the unprecedented pace of innovation coming from our six-thousand strong global developer community,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman & CEO. “The additional open-source benefits of flexibility, extendibility, control, and affordability have resulted in Kaltura being deployed by more than 100,000 publishers, an order of magnitude more than all other proprietary systems combined. We can’t wait to see what happens next!”

Key highlights of Kaltura Community Edition 3.0:

Cloud-based Deployment Option: publishers can now initiate an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance of Kaltura’s rich-media content management platform in less than 15 minutes. Support for additional cloud platforms will be released soon.

VAST Ad Network Integration: any ad network compatible with the industry standard VAST specification for video ad placements can be integrated easily into the Kaltura video player using a simple graphical interface. This makes it easy for publishers to quickly monetize their videos using a wide variety of ad networks.

Custom Metadata: publishers can dynamically enhance their video metadata with customized fields that best describe their content, thus maximizing searchability, engagement, and monetization. The custom metadata is available from a friendly User Interface within the Kaltura Management Console, and also available to developers using Kaltura’s REST API, so integrations with 3rd party applications is possible as well.

Mobile Delivery: CE 3.0 now includes H.264 and 3GP video transcoding flavors optimized for mobile devices, so that uploaded videos can be viewed on nearly any mobile handset, including Nokia, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

Sphinx Search: finding videos via arbitrary text searches now works better and faster with the integrated open source Sphinx full-text search engine.

Automatic Code Generator: developers using Kaltura’s APIs can now select specific API services and actions from within the Kaltura Test Console, and the relevant code is automatically generated for them to simply copy-and-paste into their work.

Option to purchase 3rd party services and Kaltura apps: CE 3.0 is compatible with value add services offered by Kaltura and 3rd party vendors. For more information go to and

About Kaltura

Kaltura provides the world’s first Open Source Online Video Platform. Over 100,000 media & entertainment companies, enterprises, SMBs, educational institutions, service providers, platform vendors, and system integrators use Kaltura’s flexible platform to enhance their websites, web-services, and web-platforms with advanced customized video, photo and audio functionalities. Kaltura’s features and products enable to easily deploy custom work-flows involving video creation, ingestion, publishing, management, syndication, engagement, monetization and analysis. The free community-supported self-hosted software and source-code is available for download at A commercial version of the software can be obtained at along with Kaltura services such as streaming, hosting, transcoding, analytics, ad serving, support and maintenance packages, and professional development. Founded in 2006, New York-based Kaltura is also a founding member of the ‘Open Video Alliance’ (, a coalition of organizations dedicated to fostering open standards for online video. For more information: and