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Kaltura Releases Smart Video Monetization Suite

New suite supports ad stitching, OTT delivery, SVOD, TVOD, smart distribution, and live workflows, enabling media companies and operators to maximize video monetization opportunities with every user, on any device

Kaltura, the leading open source video platform, announced today that it has released its Smart Video Monetization Suite, the most advanced, comprehensive set of video monetization tools available from a single provider. The Suite includes in-player advertising – using both native players and server-side stitching – along with all forms of OTT monetization, Ads, Subscription Billing and Transaction Management, as well as Targeted Distribution and Syndication.
This new Suite enables media companies, content aggregators and operators to create a comprehensive monetization strategy and manage campaigns aimed at maximizing the revenue potential from every audience group on every device.
Kaltura’s Smart Video Monetization Suite is based on the company’s flexible Video Operating System, including the Kaltura API and Kaltura Application Framework, and is fully integrated with the wide array of third-party solutions that are available at the Kaltura Exchange, the company’s marketplace for partner solutions.

“The main challenge for today’s media companies is transforming analog dollars into enough buckets of digital dimes,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman & CEO. “When the audience is highly fragmented in its tastes and cuts across territories, channels and devices, a hybrid and personalized approach to monetization ensures the optimal revenue yield. Kaltura’s approach is to provide media companies, aggregators and operators with the broadest range of capabilities, coupled with unrivalled video monetization expertise, allowing them to strike the right balance for their business.”

Kaltura’s Smart Video Monetization Suite

In order to make the most of their content and online presence, content owners, aggregators and operators must have the power to implement multiple-pronged monetization strategies. Kaltura’s comprehensive set of video monetization tools includes:

·         Kaltura OTT Paid TV Offering:  For companies looking to launch an OTT solution with full monetization capabilities built-in, Kaltura offers:

o    Kaltura MediaGo™ Turnkey OTT Product:  Kaltura MediaGo is a turnkey OTT product that can be fully branded. Kaltura’s nextgen, Netflix-like portal and apps support a range of business models including SVOD, TVOD and ad-based models. Other capabilities include deep social and personalization features, including content discovery and social network integration for targeting each user personally with the right content, comprehensive customer management, subscription management, payment gateway and billing tools, including the ability to create custom packages and bundles for specific users and profiles, as well as advanced A/B testing and analytics capabilities which provide real-time monitoring for campaign management.

o    Highly Customized OTT and TVE Solutions – Companies such as cable, satellite or telco operators with an existing infrastructure and preferred systems in place, can leverage Kaltura’s modular API-based OTT offering, which easily integrates with other systems, and allows customers to pick and choose between using the Kaltura built-in components or mix-and-match the various components with their own existing infrastructure or services of choice.  Kaltura has teamed with strategic partner, Tvinci, to incorporate many of the Tvinci advanced OTT Paid TV capabilities into the Kaltura OTT offering.

·         Smart Ad Delivery: For publishers looking to make money with advertising, Kaltura provides a wide range of advanced video advertising capabilities:

o    Native Player Ads – Kaltura’s VAST and VPAID-compliant player seamlessly integrates with all the leading ad networks and ad servers, allowing publishers to handle direct ad sales or sell via aggregators. The player offers clickable and skippable ads as well as ad pods and overlays.

o    Built-in Server Side Ad Stitching – delivers pre- post- and mid-roll ads to any device with no buffer playback and without the weight and hassle of inconsistent player plugins and SDK support. Kaltura’s new ad-stitching technology can be used to target the most technically challenging devices including games consoles, connected TVs, set-top boxes and Chromecast. Kaltura’s ad-stitching is integrated directly within the Kaltura Management Console and accessible via API as well.

o    Personal targeted ads – Kaltura’s data-driven approach differentiates between each user within a household, and takes into account their profiles, viewing habits and social activity. This data can be leveraged to create relevant targeted ads for each end user.

·         Smart Playback Experience: With Kaltura’s advanced playback capabilities, media companies ensure they are providing their audience with the best possible viewing experience on any device:

o    Kaltura Video Player – as a result of its market-leading load time, publishers see an increase of up to 30% in advertising fill rate. The Kaltura Player also provides advanced analytics on views, plays, device distribution and ad performance. Kaltura’s unique ‘HTML5 First’ approach and adaptive bitrate technology provide the optimal viewing experience on any device and any connection, thus reducing much of the hassle and expense of web and mobile development.

o    Player Toolkit – Kaltura’s Universal Player Studio, Player API, extensive documentation and array of available player plugins allow media companies to design and configure their own set of players with advanced functionality, engaging features and unique look & feel.

o    Kaltura Live – allows publishers to stream live broadcasts within minutes and harness the high engagement rate of live events. Publishers can insert mid-rolls within live streams. In addition, highlight clips can be created, published and monetized while the live broadcast is still in progress.

·         Smart Video Distribution: With Kaltura’s industry-leading distribution tools, companies can get their content to the right people on the correct device at the moment that matters:

o    Video Distribution Module – allows publishers to easily publish content on leading content aggregation sites and services, including YouTube™, Hulu, Comcast, Dailymotion, Yahoo!, NDN, and MSN. At the click of a button from within the Kaltura Management Console, content is seamlessly published in the desired sites, adhering to the specific format and API requirements for each destination.

o    Video Syndication – allows publishers to distribute video assets and related metadata to video sharing sites, content networks and content aggregators. As part of the Smart Video Monetization Suite, publishers can automate asset distribution as well as create flexible mRSS feeds.

The Kaltura ‘Video Operating System’: A Robust Foundation for Creating Video Experiences

Kaltura continues to disrupt the market with its unique approach to the development and deployment of video solutions, all designed with flexibility, interoperability and openness as foundational principles. The Kaltura ‘Video Operating System’ serves as the basis for this and includes components such as transcoding, delivery, storage, and the extensive set of Kaltura APIs. A wide array of video solutions, applications and products, such as the Kaltura Smart Video Monetization Suite, reside on top of this foundation.

The Kaltura ‘Video Operating System’ coupled with advanced development tools, such as the Kaltura Application Framework, multi-tenant media-cloud architecture, and technical documentation allows Kaltura and its community to create and power any video experience, now and in the future.

Market-leading Partner Ecosystem: The Kaltura Exchange Video Solution Marketplace

To extend its offering even further, Kaltura has garnered a broad partner ecosystem, the Kaltura Exchange, consisting of dozens of technology partners with related video solutions. Key partners whose technology is pre-certified and integrated into Kaltura’s Smart Video Monetization Suite include: Tvinci, Wowza, Mirriad, Volicon, Cleeng, Google DoubleClick, LiveRail, Freewheel, Tremor Video, Adap.TV (AOL), Taboola, Vindicia and Evergent.

Yekutiel added: “Video is truly enhancing every facet of our lives with new and innovative video experiences emerging every day. The Kaltura Video Operating System serves as the backbone that these video experiences are built upon. It is the foundation for our Smart Video Monetization Suite, and many more solutions that we support for our customers across industries, countries and devices. Whether it’s on-premise or SaaS, custom workflows or slick integrations, the breadth of our capabilities and our level of openness and interoperability is second to none.”

Kaltura at NAB Show 2014

Kaltura will be demonstrating the new Smart Video Monetization Suite at its booth #SU9713 at NAB Show, April 7-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Throughout the show, various Kaltura customers from around the globe will also be showcasing their video deployments and strategies at the Kaltura booth.

Kaltura Connect 2014 – The Video Experience Conference

Kaltura Connect 2014 – The Video Conference – will take place in New York City on June 17-18. Now in its 4th year, Kaltura Connect is the ‘go to’ video industry conference, with more than 1,200 video experts, technologists, executives, and thought-leaders expected to attend this year. Learn more and register today at

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