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Kaltura Releases New and Improved Open-Source Video Extension for MediaWiki Websites

Following thousands of downloads of Kaltura's MediaWiki Video Extension to-date, the company releases a new version with improved user interface and enhanced features

Kaltura, Inc. (, the developer of the first open-source video platform for video management, creation, interaction, and collaboration, announced today that it has released a new and improved open-source video extension for websites using the MediaWiki software. The extension allows users of MediaWiki based sites to collaboratively upload and remix videos, images, slideshows, audio tracks and animation and to enhance any wiki article with interactive videos. The extension has already been downloaded by thousands of developers and has been deployed by many leading wikis including Wikihow, several Wikia communities and WikiEducator.

As part of Kaltura’s Self-Serve Video Solutions, anyone can download and install the video wiki Extension for free at The new version was developed based on feedback and requests from the wiki community, and includes a fresh look & feel for the video player, a simplified interface for the online video editor, improved administration capabilities (patrolling capabilities, detailed history and diff pages, etc.), localization to several languages, and better documentation. Kaltura is inviting developers to download the source code, and participate in localization efforts and contribute to the next version of the extension.
More details can be found at

“We have seen great traction with our self-serve video solutions so far; new wiki partners and developers contact us every day. The new version is based on wiki admin and developer feedback – now we invite the community to download the new version and look forward to their ongoing input,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman and CEO. “In addition we are now working on additional free open-source video plugins for popular web platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and others that are now in alpha and that we plan to launch in the coming months.”

About Kaltura

Kaltura has developed the first open source video platform for video management, creation, interaction and collaboration. Kaltura’s platform enables any site to seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate advanced interactive rich-media functionalities, including video searching, uploading, importing, editing, annotating, remixing, and sharing. The video platform also includes unique collaboration functionalities that allow groups of users to create rich media together, and enables publishers to access and syndicate reusable content across the Kaltura Network of content and to enjoy aggregated hosted video services such as video advertising, professional editing, and DVD printing.

Founded in 2006, Kaltura’s management and advisory team includes top notch advertising, marketing, and media executives as well as open source experts and seasoned technology entrepreneurs, including co-founders of ICQ, Cyota, and Destinator Technologies. Since its public launch in September 2007, New York-based Kaltura has won the People’s Choice Award at both the TechCrunch40 event, and the Mashable Open Web Awards.