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Kaltura Launches New Edition of Video Messaging Tool to Help Organizations Improve Overall Communication and Engagement

Kaltura Pitch makes email 300% more effective for these organizations – both internally and externally.

Kaltura, the leading video technology provider, has announced the launch of a new edition of Kaltura Pitch, the company’s unprecedented video messaging tool that enables more effective communications for enterprises and educational institutions with their customers, colleagues, prospects, alumni, and students. Kaltura Pitch allows any organization to easily create and share personalized video messages through their desktops or phones, to help them break through email clutter and have a greater impact. It also provides them with important insights regarding the efficacy of their initiatives, in the form of real-time alerts that measure overall recipient engagement, and detailed analytics reports for each video message and recipient.

Emails are no longer an effective means of communicating. People are fed up as they are constantly being bombarded with these text-heavy messages. Additionally, millennials and Gen Z are having a tremendous impact on the way that organizations operate.. Kaltura Pitch serves as a direct response to these industry pain points. The video messaging tool enables enterprises and educational institutions to be able to send their content in a more easily digestible and personalized format that can then provide them with actionable insights.

“Video is a personal and effective means of communication. Our customers use video messaging as an additional layer of communication, in addition to video webcasting, podcasting, video calls, and video-on-demand. When I send an email, I can tell whether it was opened, but I cannot really know how much of it has been read. Video messaging allows me to know exactly how much has been watched and by whom. This is a very powerful engagement tool for enterprises and educational institutions who are looking for deeper and more meaningful analysis of their communication tactics,” said Dr. Michal Tsur, Kaltura Co-Founder, President & General Manager – Enterprise & Learning.

The real-time alerts provided by Kaltura Pitch indicate to the sender who they should follow up with, when, and how, based off of which parts of the video messages interested each recipient the most. This way, senders can modify the positioning of their next messages appropriately, and ensure that they are truly connecting with their email recipients. Kaltura Pitch allows marketers to organize and curate libraries of content so that those can be easily attached as playlists to video messages. Senders can track viewership of main video messages as well as attachments, and also learn who else the video message has been forwarded to.. Kaltura’s platform is used by some of the largest enterprises and educational institutions like Philips, SAP, ADP, Novartis, Purdue University, and Stanford to help them communicate more effectively through video.

“Our enterprise customers who are already using the early versions of Kaltura Pitch have been using it both for simple internal video messaging, sharing and tracking, as well as for sales, account and HR external communications that requires close tracking.  One recent deployment involved sharing video content with HR candidates. Educational institutions have also started adopting Kaltura Pitch for both alumni and admissions communications, as well as in certain courses, where professors use email communications with their classes, we have also seen interest from CRM and prospecting platforms that want to license Pitch along with our Video-Platform-as-a-Service,” said Dr. Tsur. “The beauty of Kaltura Pitch is that it can be used as a standalone tool, but it can also work in tandem with the broader Kaltura Video Platform, and all our other video tools – so customers can seamlessly enjoy additional advanced capabilities such as our video capture capabilities, editing tools, video quizzes and much more.”

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