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Kaltura Launches Kaltura University

A source of knowledge, training and certification for the wider video community

Kaltura, the leading video technology provider, has launched Kaltura University.  The new website,, is now open for registration. Kaltura University offers short, interactive, online video training courses on a wide variety of Kaltura products and services.
Customers, partners, employees and the broader video community can leverage this self-serve site to study topics in depth, gain certification, or simply brush up on their Kaltura knowledge at their preferred pace, at any time, on any device.
Once registered, Kaltura University students can watch and learn from the short, interactive videos whenever and wherever they choose. Tutorials from Kaltura experts are followed by a selection of quizzes, video challenges, interactive recorded DIY assignments and exams to test knowledge and reinforce learning.
The wide range of free courses available will appeal to both administrators and end users of Kaltura’s video solutions, with courses tailor-made for beginners and experts.
Courses at launch include:
•         Kaltura Management Console (KMC) – an introduction;
•         Kaltura MediaSpace Admin aimed at administrators of the video portal;
•         Kaltura CaptureSpace and CaptureSpace Lite;
•         Kaltura Video Extension for Moodle;
•         Kaltura Video Building Block for Blackboard Learn;
•         Interactive Video Quizzing tool.
“We’re passionate about learning and want to make it easy and fun for our customers, partners, employees and the wider video community to increase their understanding of video capabilities and specifically Kaltura products, applications and features. Kaltura University can be accessed at home, at work or on the go. We are certain that it will prove to be a valuable learning resource across the fast-growing Kaltura ecosystem,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman, Co-founder and CEO.
About Kaltura
Kaltura’s mission is to power any video experience.  A recognized leader in the OTT TV (Over the Top TV), OVP (Online Video Platform), EdVP (Education Video Platform) and EVP (Enterprise Video Platform) markets, Kaltura has emerged as the fastest growing video platform, and as the one with the widest use-case and appeal. Kaltura is deployed globally in thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers and educational institutions and engages hundreds of millions of viewers at home, in work, and at school.  The company is committed to its core values of openness, flexibility, and collaboration, and is the initiator and backer of the world’s leading open-source video-management project, which is home to more than 100,000 community members.