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Kaltura Launches Friends’ Video Card Facebook Application

Friends’ Video Card allows groups of Facebook users to jointly create video greeting cards for their friends First project to bring Kaltura’s group-video-making platform to existing online communities beyond

Kaltura, Inc. (, a pioneer in Collaborative Media, announced today the launch of its first application that takes the company’s core group-video-making technology beyond the Kaltura portal. As part of its overall strategy to enable groups of users to create online rich media together in their existing places of gathering, Kaltura has developed the Friends’ Video Card application for Facebook. Using the application, any Facebook user can start a group video card, invite friends to add photos, drawings, videos, and sounds, remix the results without ever leaving Facebook, and send it to the recipient. This is the first of many applications, partnerships, and relationships that Kaltura has in the pipeline whereby its collaborative media technology will allow existing groups of users to create video and rich-media together within current social networking sites, and other online communities. The application is available at

How does it work?

Facebook users can add the Kaltura Friends’ Video Card application just as they would any other Facebook application. Once installed, Friends’ Video Card automatically detects friends that have birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions coming up in the next few weeks, and prompts the creator to start a greeting card. Users can start a card, invite friends to join, add their photos videos, graffiti and text, and easily combine them together with music and sounds. When invited contributors add their media clips, the original creator gets a notification, and when the creator is satisfied that sufficient material has been accumulated, it can be sent to the recipient. It’s like a surprise party, without the hassle. The application is based on Kaltura’s core technology, yet somewhat simplified and adapted to the Facebook environment. Users who want more effects and video editing tools will have free access to the online video editor on Kaltura, where they can further edit the greeting before sending to their friends.

“Our goal is to provide users at any site with the ability to collaborate with their peers in rich media; Facebook was a natural place to start”, said Ron Yekutiel, Chairman and CEO of Kaltura. “Now Facebook users can take action as a group, and have fun sending video greeting cards to their friends without ever leaving the site. We see this as a great precedent for getting the concept of collaborative rich media and the ability to actually do it out there.”

About Kaltura

Kaltura is a New York-based pioneer in Collaborative Media, allowing groups of users to create rich-media projects together using video, audio, and animation, similarly to what wiki platforms enable with text. Kaltura’s revolutionary concept of group-video-making enables existing affinity groups to ‘get creative together’. It provides the incentive and opportunity for people to ‘lean forward’ and create rich-media with friends and like-minded people. Kaltura’s technology is implemented in the portal, where group-video-making is available to all for free, and is also licensed to other websites, social networks, and brands for their customized and integrated use. Founded in 2006, Kaltura’s management and advisory team includes top notch advertising, marketing, and media executives as well as seasoned technology entrepreneurs, including co-founders of ICQ, Cyota, and Destinator Technologies. The Company is backed by Avalon Ventures, a San Diego based venture capital fund focused on wireless technology, life science, and Web 2.0. For more information visit or visit the Kaltura blog at