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Kaltura Continues to Gain Momentum in Education with New Customer Wins and New Product Released

The company leads the future of education with hundreds of global education customers, including new customers University of North Alabama, Liberty University, Sheridan College, and more

Kaltura, the leading video technology provider, announced today that as the 2017 school year has come to an end, the company continues to gain momentum with new customers from the education sector including University of North Alabama, Liberty University, Sheridan College and more.

Kaltura provides the market leading education video platform for higher ed, K-12 and ed-tech organizations around the world. The company provides a true cross-campus suite of solutions, covering every use case for video for educational institutions – from marketing to admissions, to teaching and learning, campus life, digital archives and even alumni and community relations.

“The importance of video in education is a given these days,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, “Now the question becomes how to most effectively deploy video across the growing number of use cases needed by any educational institution – this is where Kaltura excels with easy-to-use, market-leading products that cover all education video needs; and the cherry on top is that our products are all built on top of the flexible Kaltura Video Platform, so we can continue to grow with our customers over time and provide ongoing value. We are proud to lead the education video market, and are honored to be trusted by so many customers around the globe.”

With its recently launched Lecture Capture solution, together with its existing market leading products including MediaSpace Video Portal, Video Quizzing module, Accessibility and Search advanced capabilities, Webcasting solution, and deep integrations with all leading Learning Management Systems, Kaltura provides the most comprehensive set of education video solutions. Additional education customers include Purdue University, Columbia Business School, University of Georgia, Wilmington University, University of Cincinatti and The University of The West of England, to name a few.

“Video has become mission critical for education, with proven measurable impact on learning results and student satisfaction,” stated Michal Tsur, Kaltura Co-founder, President and General Manager of Enterprise and Learning. “We thrive on customer feedback, and look to our community of users to help us design and create user-friendly products that make a difference and can evolve over time as new trends emerge. I am delighted to welcome our new customers on board, and we are looking forward to meeting many customers and prospects at the EDU summer conferences.”

Joshua Frejosky, Director – Enterprise Architecture/Communications at Liberty University commented:  “With newer generations being focused on convenient instruction through YouTube videos and the like, the need for quality video based content has not only become imperative, but a gateway to innovative and immersive learning. Kaltura affords us a simple yet extremely robust tool set to not only create new high quality content, but also the infrastructure for a more expansive reach. I am thrilled to be a part of providing our faculty with technology that will make an immediate and lasting impact on them and their students!”

“As a e-learning practitioner, I often ascribe to the premise that we often don’t really know what we want until we see it. This was my experience with Kaltura,” stated Michael Evans, M.A., Associate Dean, Digital Learning and Innovation, Centre for Teaching and Learning at Shreidan College. “When I finally was exposed to the Kaltura toolset, I and my team were able to realize solutions to a number of issues we had been wrestling with for some time. These included expanding pedagogical use of video across curricula, organizing a completely disparate collection of video elements, and consolidating captioning activities. As well, we immediately saw the power of providing both faculty and students with the ability to create and manage video within the learning environment. As well, the concept of “lecture capture” became more accessible and less of a classroom replacement. And all of this at the very beginning of our relationship with Kaltura! I anticipate many years of creative development ahead!”

John McGee from Education Technology Services at University of North Alabama stated: “We’ve only been a Kaltura customer for a few months, but I’ve had a relationship with Kaltura since 2014. One reason we favored Kaltura was the kindness of their employees, but Kaltura’s ease-of-use, consistently high Gartner ratings, and LMS integration might have had a small influence on our decision. Our goals for Kaltura are traditional lecture capture and easy-to-use student recording.” Kaltura will be participating at BbWorld, InstructureCon and D2L Fusion. To schedule a meeting with the Kaltura teams on the ground please click on the following links:

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