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Kaltura Application Framework Revolutionizing Video App Development

The Kaltura Application Framework makes it easy to develop both standalone and integrated Video Experiences. Kaltura already working with many web platforms and developers using the framework to develop new video applications.

Kaltura Inc. (, the leading open source video platform, today announced the release of the Kaltura Application Framework that allows to easily develop video applications based on the Kaltura Video Capabilities. Kaltura has been long known for its extensive APIs that allow developers and web shops to create customized video experiences and applications. With the release of the new framework, that includes a set of widgets with a full graphical user interface, video application development has become far more easy and fast. Kaltura has announced the new Framework at its annual event, Kaltura Connect, The Video Experience Conference, taking place in New York City.

The Kaltura Application Framework includes a set of video widgets or components, built on the robust Kaltura video API, that are easily added into existing platforms and web pages. All components are built with full cross-device and mobile support, with responsive design and automatic device detection for optimal display and playback on any device. The key components of the framework include a media uploader widget, clipping, trimming and thumbnail editing tools, a video gallery widget, video embed tool for WYSIWYG editors, video search and video analytics widget and more.

Moreover, the Kaltura Application Framework easily connects with plugins, developed both by Kaltura and Kaltura partners – for example, several Kaltura partners are already deploying a live broadcasting tool, a captions editor tool, and others that integrate with the framework, enabling these tools for all applications on the Framework.

All new versions of Kaltura’s applications, such as the widely adopted CorporateTube™ and video extensions for Blackboard, Moodle, Desire2Learn, SharePoint, Jive, Sakai, and WordPress, will be running on the Kaltura Application Framework.

The Kaltura Application Framework components are hosted on the Kaltura cloud and therefore all new features and developments are automatically updated for all applications using the new framework. This ensures that not only are video applications easy to create and integrate, but they are always maintained with the most up-to-date features automatically as they are deployed.

Kaltura expects many new web platforms and developers that are looking to implement advanced video capabilities to use the Kaltura Applications Framework, and develop extensions based on the Framework.

“Based on our vast experience creating video applications and integration packages for leading platforms such as Blackboard, Moodle, Desire2Learn, WordPress, , SharePoint and others, two things became clear – 1. video needs to be integrated into more and more existing platforms in the various industries, and 2. the video capabilities needed for each platform and application are extremely similar,” said Kaltura’s Chairman and CEO, Ron Yekutiel. “The Kaltura Application Framework addresses both of these issues by centralizing the development and deployment of video applications and integrations, and allowing our partners and customers to deploy video applications for any existing system with minimal time and effort.”

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