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Kaltura and Intelligent Television Partner to Enhance Cultural and Educational Projects with Rich-Media Collaboration

Kaltura further expands its Global Network of partners, users, content, and services that allows unprecedented collaboration around rich-media creation, remixing and distribution

Kaltura, Inc., a pioneer in Collaborative Media, and Intelligent Television, a new nonfiction media company, announced today that the organizations will work together on several joint experiments revolving around culture and education using rich media in the community.

“Intelligent Television is all about educational productions, public media, and community projects, so Kaltura’s concept of group collaboration in rich media fits our business philosophy like a glove,” said Peter B. Kaufman from Intelligent Television. “Featuring the Kaltura platform in our new productions and in our research projects with moving image archives is very exciting.”

The companies invite the community to join and contribute time, skills and ideas, as well as suggestions of relevant projects.

“It’s great to work with Intelligent Television, a producer with the same values and visions of community and joint creation as Kaltura,” said Ron Yekutiel, Chairman and CEO of Kaltura. “This relationship is an important addition to the Kaltura Global Network, en route of making Kaltura the standard of online rich-media editing and collaboration.”

Kaltura and Intelligent Television will work on a variety of joint projects including a new documentary history of the Korean War with Jigsaw Productions and Intelligent Television’s multiyear Memory Project.

“The Longest Winter” tells the story of America in the Korean War based on the book The Longest Winter from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Halberstam. “The Longest Winter” film is centered on eyewitness accounts and archival media, including rare color film shot during the conflict. Producers Intelligent Television and Jigsaw Productions combine traditional narration, contemporary voices from soldiers and others caught in the events, interviews with veterans, and Halberstam’s words and voice to bring a new sensory experience to the telling of wartime history – and a fresh sense of relevance for the television viewer of today. Using Kaltura’s platform, the archive of material from the film and many of the interviews that are being conducted will be made available to the public to annotate and mix online – see more here.

The Memory Project is a blend of new and archival media about the nature of memory produced by award-winning filmmaker Vanessa Roth. Kaltura technology will also be featured prominently in the work of Intelligent Television’s new educational video studio, which the company launched in November 2007.

About Intelligent Television

Intelligent Television produces innovative films, television, and video in close association with leading cultural and educational institutions and world-renowned producers, directors, and cinematographers. Intelligent Television’s productions, research projects, consulting services, and conferences focus on making educational and cultural material more widely accessible worldwide. Intelligent Television’s productions seek to network production facilities, production and archival expertise, and digital media content at cultural and educational institutions.

The company’s productions are supported by foundations, corporations, government agencies, and individuals. Intelligent Television’s research projects explore new ways of funding and opening educational and cultural content. Intelligent Television’s conferences draw leading thinkers from around the world committed to broadening access to truth and beauty. Intelligent Television consulting services help commercial and noncommercial institutions that market and distribute moving-image and recorded-sound archives.

In 2007, with two years of seed support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Intelligent Television launched an educational video studio to produce high-quality video resources systematically for education.

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About Kaltura

Kaltura is a New York-based pioneer in Collaborative Media, allowing groups of users to create rich-media projects together using video, audio, and animation, similarly to what wiki platforms enable with text. Kaltura’s revolutionary concept of group-video-making provides the incentive and opportunity for people to ‘lean forward’ and create rich-media with friends and like-minded people.

Kaltura’s technology is implemented in the portal, available to all for free; and is also licensed to other websites, social networks, and brands for their customized and integrated use. Together, Kaltura’s partners comprise the Kaltura Global Network, the world’s largest network of re-mixable, shared and legal rich-media content, and creators.
Founded in 2006, Kaltura’s management and advisory team includes top notch advertising, marketing, and media executives as well as seasoned technology entrepreneurs, including co-founders of ICQ, Cyota, and Destinator Technologies.

Since its public launch in September 2007, Kaltura has won the People’s Choice Award at both the TechCrunch40 event, and the Mashable Open Web Awards. For more information visit or visit the Kaltura blog at