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Kaltura 2016 Video in Enterprise Survey Reveals Tipping Point: 59% of enterprises have integrated video into intranet

International survey of 500 respondents also finds that 42% of enterprises have integrated video into social business platforms

Kaltura (, the leading video technology provider, today published its third annual State of Enterprise Video report, an international study that examines the evolving use of video in businesses of all sizes. The results reveal a tipping point: 59% of respondents state that video capabilities are integrated into their intranet, and a further 30% are considering following suit. Video integration into social business platforms is also proving popular: 42% of respondents say that their businesses have done this already, with a massive 45% considering going down this route.

Around 500 enterprise professionals from a range of diverse sectors took the online survey in September 2016. 

When considering a video portal, respondents cite the ability to search, browse, and watch videos on mobile devices as extremely or very important (72%). Also on their checklists are the ability to show different content to different groups (67%), detailed analytics on users and media entries (62%), in-video search based on transcription (51%), in-video quizzing (38%) and encouraging participation through gamification (38%).

Since 2015, there has been a rapid rise in the perceived importance of supporting video-related capabilities inside organizations’ corporate networks. On-demand video playback for internal use cases is cited as being ‘crucial’ or ‘very important’ by 90% of respondents (up from 38% in 2015). Also scoring highly is the ability to watch videos on corporate-provided or controlled mobile devices at 80% (up from 47% last year) and live video playback at 70% (up from 47% in 2015).

As regular use of video in the workplace becomes the norm, businesses are focused on finding the right tools and support for generating and managing video. 53% of respondents believe that to more effectively communicate and share knowledge using video, employees need access to easy-to-use tools for video capture. A centralized video solution is important for 47% of respondents, while 43% feel that incorporating video functionality into enterprise content management solutions is a must.

When asked about internal webcasts, almost three-quarters (73%) of respondents’ organizations produce more than 5 internal webcasts a year, while nearly a third produce an astonishing 50 or more.

Delving deeper into the mobile-specific results, enterprise-grade mobile video functionality is clearly in great demand. The ability to stream on-demand video on a mobile device is considered the most important criterion, with 70% of respondents rating this as ‘critical’ or ‘very valuable’. Live streaming (61%) and live broadcasts from a mobile device (57%) are also strong contenders, while secure download onto a mobile device for offline playback is also seen as very useful (62%).

There are also moves by a considerable number of early adopter businesses to consolidate their various video collaboration and communication systems under a few centrally managed solutions. Over a third (34%) say that they are in the process of doing this or are planning to do so.

“Our latest report on video in the enterprise shows that video has reached a tipping point, with 59% of enterprises having integrated video into their intranets and 42% having integrated video capabilities into social business platforms. Video helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to meet many of their business goals more easily because it is such a natural tool for any business activity that requires communication or collaboration. Any enterprise that has so far resisted putting in place an enterprise-wide video strategy risks being left behind as their video-fueled competitors start to pull ahead of the pack,” said Kaltura Chairman and CEO, Ron Yekutiel.  

The use of video as a valuable tool to help meet organizational goals such as training employees better/faster, connecting geographically dispersed employees, enhancing product marketing and brand awareness, and making executives more relatable, is confirmed in this survey. The greatest perceived impact is in improving communication, with a total of 96% of respondents seeing video as somewhat or very valuable.

The State of Video in the Enterprise report is designed for enterprise CIOs, CMOs, IT directors and owners of video initiatives within organizations looking to build or enhance their video strategy, as well as enterprise software companies that are looking to integrate video capabilities into existing enterprise solutions.

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