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INTI’s Blended Journey is enhanced with the Use of Kaltura

Malaysian private higher education institution uses Kaltura to enhance their blended learning experience

New York, NY, USA and Malaysia. Kaltura announces today that their partner, INTI International University & Colleges in Malaysia, uses Kaltura as part of their blended and online learning roadmap, designed to enhance the student learning experience. INTI International University & Colleges has transformed from a traditional institution to one that is digital, placing much emphasis in the student experience. Now every course at the institution’s university and colleges is delivered as a blended learning experience. Some courses are also offered in a fully online mode.

“Generation Zs, those born between the years 1995 to 2009, are true digital natives and today’s biggest consumers of videos and online content. Following INTI’s 2015 landmark survey titled Decoding Gen Z which sought to understand this new generation of learners, we discovered that these individuals spend over eight hours connected to the Internet, going across an average of 2.7 screens each day,” says Dr. Malini Eliatamby, Chief Academic Officer at INTI International University & Colleges. “So we asked ourselves, how can we create content that will resonate with them? How can we create teaching materials that will engage them? And how can our students curate video-based content as part of their assessments?”

Starting in 2014, INTI International University & Colleges began the transition to become an institution that caters to the needs of digital natives. In 2015, Eliatamby built a team of high performing staff to train faculty to design blended courses. Now that every course at the institution takes advantage of videos to create blended experiences, they have added a fully online Diploma, fully online Bachelor of Business degree and fully online MBA programme.

Additional innovations are designed with Gen Zs in mind. Using Kaltura’s powerful video tools and deep integrations with Blackboard and other platforms, INTI International University & Colleges has woven video throughout the learning experience. Instead of papers, many courses use video-based assessments. Augmented reality is becoming an increasingly popular tool for students, and gamification is used to incentivize and engage students. An E-portfolio initiative, begun in 2017, allows students to document their work via video. The E-portfolio can then be linked to their LinkedIn profile, so students graduate with a fully developed CV.

Live video has also become a major tool for the institution. INTI routinely live streams public lectures to their multiple campuses. Webinars for faculty are a common feature for training as it allows faculty to connect from anywhere. These webinars are often broken into short videos that can later be used for training and refreshers. Student sessions recorded on Blackboard Collaborate are also broken down into mini videos and used as learning materials.

An interesting fact is that students’ curated videos are used as teaching materials. By curating these videos as part of their assessment pieces, students learn how to research a topic, search for information, create engaging content, learn storyboarding, gain subject matter knowledge, as well as video and presentation skills; all great skills to have for 21st century employment.

In the last year alone, INTI videos have received over 250,000 plays.

“As part of our vision to reinvent education, we were really looking to enhance the student experience and engage students in the digital platforms they know best,” says Dr. Eliatamby. “Today, it’s a norm for both students and faculty to create videos. Kaltura has been invaluable  in building the video and online content environment we envisioned.”

“We’re increasingly seeing video used not just as a supplemental tool, but as a fundamental and integrated part of the learning experience,” says Dr. Michal Tsur, co-founder and president of Kaltura. “We’re delighted to see educational institutions like INTI fully leveraging tools like capture, interactive video quizzing, and live streaming to build a learning environment that truly engages today’s learners.”


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