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Bringing YouTube™ style out-of-the-box video portal to thousands of enterprises and campuses all over the world, Kaltura releases version 4.0 of MediaSpace™

In use by leading corporations and schools around the world, Kaltura MediaSpace™ serves as a private video portal for any organization requiring a user friendly experience with enterprise grade privacy, security and content management capabilities.

Kaltura, the leading open source video platform (, announced today that it has released Kaltura MediaSpace Version 4.0 – the newest version of the company’s out-of-the-box video portal, which serves as a centralized video portal for any organization. Kaltura MediaSpace, often dubbed by enterprises as their “Corporate Tube” or “YouTube for the Enterprise” and by universities as a “Campus Tube,” allows users to integrate video into the fabric of social collaboration in order to enhance their internal and external communication.

Kaltura MediaSpace is already used by leading enterprises and companies such as Bank of America, BlueCross BlueShield, American Family Insurance, and Groupon, as well as leading educational institutions such as New York University, Oregon State, Houston Community College and Copenhagen Business School.

MediaSpace is intended for any organization looking to launch a video portal. The modular application can be customized to fit the organizations’ needs – including modules for community and user generated content, customizable look & feel, numerous design templates for fast deployment, and several options for single sign on and security. MediaSpace strikes the right balance between empowering users to create and share content, while retaining full control over who can access which content, and what content gets uploaded.

Key features of MediaSpace 4.0 that are showcased on the Kaltura website, in a video walk through, and in the product demo-site include:

–          Easy search and browsing of content, including full transcript search

–          Enhanced support for user profiles and user generated content

–          Native mobile support for every device – iOS, Android, and Blackberry

–          Built-in video authoring tools (desktop and mobile upload, webcam recording, screen-capture, video/PPT synchronization and more)

–          Easy control of user and content entitlements including content moderation options

–          Public and private channels (allowing to create controlled content areas)

–          User based analytics (showing activity on a user level)

–          Sharing and social features

“The creation and consumption of videos by and within corporations and schools has skyrocketed, and with it the need for a robust yet intuitive off-the-shelf video portal that also adheres to enterprise requirements such as security, permissions, and controls. MediaSpace 4.0 provides exactly that,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman and CEO. “Just like Jive™ and Yammer™ brought consumer-grade Twitter™  and Facebook™ -like experiences to the enterprise, Kaltura is enabling a YouTube™-like experience. Version 4.0 offers richer authoring and collaboration features, more analytics, greater levels of control, and enhanced multi-device support. We are extremely excited about our continued leadership in this category.”

Kaltura MediaSpace is the perfect video solution for:

–          Enterprises who want an internal video portal for knowledge sharing and collaboration, or for training purposes.

–          Corporations who want an external video portal with product marketing information, tutorials, customer support and training videos.

–          Universities that want a video portal for admissions, alumni relations, digital archives, or athletic departments.

–          SMBs who want their own video channel without ceding control around branding, look and feel, and advertising.

Kaltura MediaSpace 4.0 is available now as a fully hosted solution, or as an on-premise deployment. To learn more about MediaSpace, go to or contact Kaltura.

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