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Format: 2017-10-17
Format: 2017-10-17
Format: 2017-10-17
  • El estado ideal del Vídeo en Educación

    November 22, 2016

    El vídeo está en todo el ciclo de la educación, transformando no solo la forma como enseñamos y aprendemos sino la forma en que nos comunicamos, colaboramos y llegamos a diferentes comunidades ampliando el alcance. 

    Con esta transformación digital en todos los aspectos de nuestra vida, las instituciones educativas están aumentando el uso del vídeo de una forma mucho más eficiente y creativa. 

    Kaltura acaba de lanzar la tercera versión de su reporte anual del "Estado del vídeo en la Educación". Este informe está basado en las respuestas de más de 1.500 participantes siendo el reporte más completo en esta materia actualmente. Este informe cubre el uso del vídeo en educación, percepciones y tendencias a nivel mundial. Con este Webinar, podrás tener una visión detallada de los puntos más importantes del informe así como de las lecciones aprendidas que se lograron capturar. 


  • You’re Live! How Schools Are Using Live Streaming On Campus And Beyond

    November 17, 2016

    Educational institutions are no longer limited to sharing events on campus in just one time and place. Now, with live online video,schools are reaching beyond their borders to a wider community of learners,parents, alumni, and more. 

    Come see how three schools have embraced live video broadcasts, for some very different purposes: 

    - Georgia Gwinnett College: Broadcasting all sports teams over the web. 

    - Missouri University of Science and Technology: Ensuring flawless live broadcast of lectures to distance learners, including DVR. 

    - University of Central Oklahoma: Multiple uses, ranging from student evaluations to musical performances and commencement. 

    Whatever event you want to broadcast, get the best practices from the masters of live video. 

  • Creating Video Marketing Campaigns that Work

    November 15, 2016

    You’ve created compelling video content, but how do you effectively use those videos to drive the key KPIs for your business? How do you track viewer performance and optimize the user experience to help achieve your business goals? With interactive video, create successful, measurable video marketing campaigns.

    Join us and learn how Avaya created effective interactive video marketing campaigns to drive viewer engagement. See how Viewbix’s interactive video marketing tools, actionable analytics suite and Kaltura’s customizable players allow you to quickly and easily add interactivity and track user behavior.

    Go beyond the standard of passive video and take your video marketing to the next level!

  • How to Make Dynamic, Accessible K-12 Online Courses with Video

    November 10, 2016

    As online courses become increasingly common in K-12 education, districts are facing some new questions. How do you make sure an asynchronous course still feels like a teacher is present? How can static text-based classes be made more interactive? How can video be made suitably accessible to meet 508 and ADA compliance? 

    Come see how South Carolina’s state-sponsored online program, VirtualSC, has accomplished all this and more. VirtualSC’s curriculum team leader, Deirdre Edwards, will share how they have transformed their online courses with interactive and accessible video in and outside their LMS. 

    From beginners to power users, learn some key techniques to making video work for your district or school: 

    · Using video announcements, tips, and feedback to provide real connection for asynchronous learners 

    · Creating interactive video quizzes and video clips to transform static text to interactive courses 

    · Making both third-party and in-house video content accessible for 508 and ADA compliance 

    · Building interactive instructions for your students for pre-labs, technical assistance, and demo overviews 

    · Providing outreach and support for your teachers, parents, students, and community 

    Join us to see how VirtualSC has enhanced their online program through the power of video! 

  • Live vs. Simulive: How to Stream Live Events on OTT

    November 9, 2016

    Live events are one of the last frontiers in OTT. As sports, news, and other live programming moves into the OTT space, how do you ensure a quality broadcast? How do you construct a business model to take full advantage of the content? And how do the best practices vary for live versus simulated live, where pre-recorded content is offered as a live stream? Get the big picture on live OTT, as well as a look at how content providers are tackling the challenge today.

  • Video Portals of the Future: How OSU Uses Video to Impact Learning Results

    November 2, 2016

    As video has become more integral to how we learn, work, play, and communicate, educational institutions are finding it necessary to create their own spaces to manage video for all the use cases across the campus in one centralized place. See how Oregon State University has been using a market-leading video portal to unite the campus, reduce effort, and drive learning results.

    See how a unified video portal makes video more engaging, responsive, mobile-friendly, and accessible than ever before. Get the best practices for launching a new video portal, and discover how fast you could be seeing real results. With a video portal as the core of their video strategy, Oregon State University is future-proofing their campus and ensuring an amazing experience for all of their users.

  • Video Portals of the Future: How Oracle Uses Video to Increase Productivity

    November 1, 2016

    As video has become more integral to how we work, learn, play, and communicate, companies are finding it necessary to create their own spaces to manage video for all the use cases across the organization in one centralized place. See how companies like Oracle launched market-leading video portals that are changing their digital workplace.

    See how a unified video portal makes video more engaging, responsive, mobile-friendly, and accessible than ever before. Get the best practices for launching a new video portal, and discover how fast you could be seeing real results. With a video portal as the core of their video strategy, Oracle is future-proofing their digital infrastructure and ensuring an amazing experience for all of their users.

    It’s time to take video to the next level.

  • Maximize the Value of Your Content: Best Practices for Billing Operations

    October 12, 2016
    Industry:Media, Service Providers

    With the proliferation of OTT services, many media companies and broadcasters are engaging with their audiences and monetizing their content in new ways: pay-per view live events, subscription services for premium content, localized offerings for international markets, and more. For great content to be successful, though, you need an effective billing component. What are some of the best practices you need to know to handle the “money” part of your monetization? 

    In this webinar, dive into the best ways to bill customers and manage the operational aspects for commerce. We’ll cover using in-app purchases, billing customers in different territories, creating a user self-care portal, handling credit card declines, improving the service based on analytics, and more. Make sure that every transaction is seamless…and painless. 

  • Seize the Moment: Livecasting on Campus

    October 6, 2016

    How often is your campus sharing what’s going on? 

    The world is moving to a live, in-progress, join-me-now mentality. Every day, amazing things are happening on your campus—guest lecturers, presidential addresses, student presentations, and more. Imagine the ability to webcast live events and streams on short notice, showcasing the best your institution has to offer, in real time. 

    Come join us and discover how you can use live streaming and webcasting to broadcast your events to a much wider audience—alumni, parents, multiple campuses, and the global community. Get the real deal on what you actually need to create a high quality broadcast, and get some insider tips on how to make sure your event runs smoothly. 

    Why let the excitement end at the border of campus? It’s time to get on with the show!

  • All in the Timing: How to Make Videos That Improve Your Corporate Training

    October 4, 2016

    Did you know that 96% of today’s professionals think videos help train employees better and faster? It’s no wonder that leading enterprises are turning to video to make their training and compliance programs more effective, efficient, and accountable. But not all videos are created equal. How do you build a video training program that will make a real difference in your organization.

    Join Second City, world-renowned experts in comedy and creating effective videos, and Kaltura, the leading enterprise video platform, for a webinar that shows you not only why but how you can create videos that your employees will engage with, so you can get the results you want.