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Format: 2018-03-18
Format: 2018-03-18
Format: 2018-03-18
  • The Future of Media in SharePoint

    August 11, 2011
    Industry:Enterprise, Education

    Over the past 10 years, the media revolution has fundamentally altered the way we work and communicate on the web. Through video, employees and corporate communications teams can communicate more effectively, reduce the costs of travel and face to face meetings, and more easily share knowledge. Yet, to date, SharePoint, the leading social business platform has lacked full support for advanced video.

    With the launch of Kaltura's Video Extension for SharePoint, the leading enterprise media platform and the dominant social collaboration software are coming together to jumpstart the enterprise video revolution. Use the extension to create a video training portal, corporate communications hub, or a YouTube-like portal, all within the confines of your secure SharePoint environment. Or, simply empower your managers and employees to upload and search video, publish a live stream, record from a webcam, or view video on mobile devices, within their SharePoint team sites.

    Come to this webinar and be the first to get a full demo of Kaltura's new extension as well as a glimpse into how Fortune 500 companies and small businesses can use video to achieve a stunning return on investment.

    Moderator - Meytal Burstein, Marketing Manager, Kaltura.

  • Digital Video Distribution Made Easy

    July 12, 2011

    Precious few standards exist today for the exchange of production-quality digital video assets. The requirements for encoding formats, resolutions, image assets, and metadata vary widely across the digital media landscape. The result, for content producers, has been chaos: a proliferation of ad hoc, error-prone, quasi-manual processes to export content to distribution partners. With Kaltura's latest release, however, this problem is finally solved.

    The new Kaltura Distribution Module provides a single, easy-to-use interface for managing distribution across all your content partners. Set individual sunrise/sunset dates, define and crop multiple image assets, create metadata mappings, all from our Web-based production console. Kaltura validates and delivers to content partners such as Hulu, YouTube, Metacafe, and major set-top device and mobile networks, and is easily extended to include custom distribution targets. Join our webinar to learn about how Kaltura can dramatically streamline your distribution process.

    Moderator - Meytal Burstein, Marketing Manager, Kaltura.

  • Next Generation Video Marketing

    July 6, 2011

    The future of online marketing revolves around rich media. Consumers today spend an hour each day watching video online, and Ad Age reports that many of the leading Consumer Packaged Goods companies now invest 20% of their total marketing budget in online video.

    Yet, despite the enormous rise and attraction of online media, few companies know how to utilize interactive video to engage users, increase sales, and boost brand awareness. Even fewer know how to use video publishing and distribution tools to create a compelling experience on both mobile and desktop devices.

    Join us as we give you a glimpse into next generation video marketing tools and techniques – from syndication campaigns and e-commerce, to mobile apps and advanced analytics. Our online media experts will share case studies from Fortune 500 companies and give you inspiration for future campaigns and projects.

    Moderator - Meytal Burstein, Marketing Manager, Kaltura.


  • Unifying Video Delivery to Web HTML5 and Mobile

    April 26, 2011
    Industry:Media, Enterprise, Education, Service Providers, Community

    HTML5 Video has emerged as a robust standard, but there are still crucial limitations as to what can be supported in the HTML5 Video environment. Learn about how Kaltura can help you streamline your production environment to minimize the challenge of HTML5.

    Join us for this webinar as industry experts address the following questions:

    • How can you deploy video to most seamlessly handle both Flash and HTML5 playback?
    • What are the best practices around codecs, resolutions, and bitrates for delivery to mobile devices?
    • How can ad delivery be optimized across both Flash and HTML5 environments?
    • What are the most significant limitations to HTML5 video delivery, and how they be addressed in the future?

    Moderator - Meytal Burstein, Marketing Manager, Kaltura.

  • Bringing Video to Blackboard and Moodle

    April 12, 2011

    Online video in education is becoming a necessity. More and more universities are using video internally and externally for off-campus education, training, assignment enhancement, as a means of collaboration between students and faculty and more.

    This webinar will explore how video and new forms of multimedia-enabled learning are revolutionizing education across the country in Blackboard, Moodle, and other LMSs.  Video in education now goes beyond simple publishing and includes internal university 'YouTubes', deep learning management system integrations, collaborative video editing assignments, video for distance education and libraries, and media-powered blogs and social networks. Educators and technologists should attend this webinar to learn about online video projects that have been deployed by some of the nation’s leading schools, including University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, University of Virginia, Penn State University and more.

  • Launch an Enterprise YouTube in One Day

    April 7, 2011

    Are your employees increasingly using YouTube for their everyday work? Are you interested in learning how Fortune 500 companies are using media to save on travel, facilitate employee collaboration, and improve customer communication and messaging? Join us to learn how Kaltura MediaSpace can jumpstart next generation video in your enterprise. In this webinar, Kaltura's video experts will show you how to use Kaltura MediaSpace to:

    • develop more effective employee learning and training programs
    • create a central place for executive communication and daily briefings
    • facilitate employee communication and remote collaboration

    Designed in collaboration with leading companies, Kaltura MediaSpace is a modular media destination site that democratizes use of media in an organization, with full enterprise grade security and scalability. We will hold a MediaSpace demo and have time for your Q&A.

  • Jumpstart an Integrated Lecture Capture and Media Management Plan

    April 5, 2011

    Lecture Capture and Media Management are the hot tickets in education technology this year. But what is the relationship between these tools and what is their potential for powering online learning? How can Kaltura help you create an integrated media strategy?

    Join us as we explore class capture possibilities, from webcams and campus "YouTubes" to in-room hardware, our experts will show you how leading universities are integrating these tools to reduce costs and power next generation learning.

  • Build A Campus YouTube in One Day

    March 31, 2011

    Are students and faculty at your institution increasingly turning to YouTube to manage curricular video? Is the media services team swamped by requests to use video in the LMS? In higher education today, media is becoming a key tool for effective learning, student engagement, and campus community. Yet, few institutions have a central media portal, a private “YouTube” in a box, to execute on this trend.

    Join us for a session about Kaltura MediaSpace 1.0, the campus video-destination site, powered by Kaltura's open source video platform. We’ll highlight case studies and demos from leading institutions, and show how MediaSpace can be used to:

    • Create a private “YouTube” in a box
    • Distribute lecture capture videos
    • Enable management & publication of library archives
    • Drive campus community building
    • Act as a hub for video from campus news and events

    We will introduce the new features added to Kaltura MediaSpace and review the available improvements. We will also have time for some Q&A with Kaltura MediaSpace experts.

  • Using Rich Media To Drive Learning Results

    February 10, 2011

    Rich Media is becoming an essential tool to engage students and drive learning results. As the next generation of students, who grew up on video games and YouTube, enters the classroom they expect that the video and interactive media experiences they experience on the web will be incorporated into the classroom. Meet a group of technologist and innovators who are shaping the technology and pedagogy around video learning. From video assignments and multimedia essays to creative use of lecture capture and mobile media technologies – we will cover a range of methods available to enrich both teaching and learning experiences.

  • The Future of Media in the Enterprise

    January 25, 2011

    During 2010, video increasingly emerged as a core medium of communications within businesses large and small. This trend is expected to take off in 2011 with practically every business utilizing video in a wide range of use cases both internally and externally. From enabling improved training, through bettering internal communications, to facilitating employee social collaboration and community, and enhancing product marketing – video is becoming more deeply integrated into every aspect of any organization’s business.

    Come learn how leading enterprises are building new media tools by using Kaltura’s platform to power all their video needs. This webinar will include case studies from Fortune 500 companies, demo of the Kaltura Enterprise Media Suite, and a discussion on how Kaltura MediaSpace can provide the ultimate tool in creating your company’s internal YouTube.