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Format: 2017-06-27
Format: 2017-06-27
Format: 2017-06-27
  • Key Tips for a Successful Video Delivery

    March 28, 2017

    Does your company’s IT strategy include video? If your company is serious about video, your infrastructure may already be feeling the strain. And your CEO will certainly not be happy if the next event fails! Still, video delivery has changed a lot in the last few years. So what are the key questions you need to ask today when choosing a video delivery solution?

    Watch this webinar for an in-depth technical discussion of how to make sure your video delivery has the support it needs. First, see how a major company prevents bottlenecks for their on-demand video library. Then, explore the key questions you need to ask before you begin live webcasts or other livestreaming. How do you predict what kind of bandwidth you’ll use? Do you even need multicasting these days? Find out the questions you’ll want to answer to determine your needs.

  • Introducing Kaltura Lecture Capture

    March 15, 2017

    Get a sneak peek at Kaltura’s brand new Lecture Capture solution! We’re unveiling the first-ever live demo of Kaltura Lecture Capture. (Here’s a hint: it’s really short. Because the tool is just that easy to use.)

    At this webinar, you’ll find out:

    - What the easiest, most intuitive lecture capture user experience looks like

    - How to manage all of your lecture recordings, from the biggest lecture halls to the smallest classes, in one place

    - Why Kaltura Lecture Capture will help your video efforts across campus

  • Planning Your Video Delivery Strategy

    March 14, 2017

    Businesses increasingly depend on video for communication. But a great strategy can easily be hamstrung if you cannot deliver your video to your viewers. Want to make sure your live webcasts go off without a hitch? Need to deliver a strategic message from your CEO that everyone will try to watch in the next hour? Trying to build a video training course that will be accessed by sites around the world (including areas with less-reliable bandwidth)? You need a robust video delivery strategy.

    Join this 30-minute webinar to take a look at some of the key approaches you can take to make sure your viewers have the best possible video experience.

  • Make Your Video Training Interactive

    February 23, 2017

    Looking to make your training and onboarding programs more engaging, cost-effective, and impactful? In this special joint webinar, hosted by Kaltura and Rapt Media, get the tools you need to build an interactive video training program that can start delivering real results.

    Start off with the facts: get the results of in-depth research from The eLearning Guild on best practices for enterprise learning and how interactive video is changing corporate training and onboarding. Then go in-depth with PricewaterhouseCoopers to discover how they used interactive video to educate their internal workforce using a high touch, lean in experience combined with gamification to create intrinsic motivation.

    We’ll cover:

    • The key differences between traditional video and interactive video
    • How interactive video makes training more effective
    • How to leverage your experience with linear video to make even better interactive video
    • Best practices for building high impact video training campaigns, including creating compelling stories and engaging characters
    • Tips for onboarding new employees

    Your workforce is your best investment. Discover how to make sure your onboarding and training efforts count!

  • The Hidden Gems of MediaSpace

    February 3, 2017

    Join us on our new webinar series, created specifically to help our customers get more out of Kaltura. 

    This month, take the "off the beaten path" tour - discover additional features that you may not know about to maximize your MediaSpace experience. Learn the little tweaks to increase discoverability, the best ways to customize your institution's MediaSpace, and more underused tools that will get users creating and engaging with content. 

    Get the tips and tricks that will take your MediaSpace use to the next level. 

  • Developing a Strategic Plan for Accessibility for Higher Education

    January 31, 2017

    Does your institution have a New Year’s resolution to get more strategic about accessibility? As accessible video becomes an increasingly important part of education, schools are turning from a tactical to a strategic approach to making sure they meet the necessary guidelines. Join Nevada State College for a point-by-point guide to developing an institutional strategic plan for your accessibility efforts.


    The handount shared during the webinar can be found HERE.

  • Predictions for Enterprise Video in 2017

    January 24, 2017

    Get the latest on how video is changing businesses around the world. We’ll take a broad look at video across the enterprise, including marketing, corporate communications, knowledge sharing, and more. We'll share the results of Kaltura’s annual State of Video in the Enterprise survey. Then West will zoom in on how companies like yours are using video to power their business.

  • VR and the Future of Video

    December 6, 2016
    Industry:Media, Enterprise, Education

    Virtual Reality is already here. But as the technology comes into focus, how are we going to actually use it? In this webinar, explore how virtual reality is going to change video in media and entertainment, business, and education. In mobile VR, users can experience video across a multitude of formats with no more equipment than their phones– live and on-demand, 2D and 3D, 180 and 360 degrees. Which form will prevail when VR reaches mainstream? What are the strengths and challenges of each format, and how will it change the more traditional storytelling conventions video has used until now? 

    Immersive entertainment. 360 degree news broadcasts. Fly-on-the-wall corporate training and company events. Virtual classrooms. The possibilities are limitless. Come see what the future of mobile VR video has in store.

  • El estado ideal del Vídeo en Educación

    November 22, 2016

    El vídeo está en todo el ciclo de la educación, transformando no solo la forma como enseñamos y aprendemos sino la forma en que nos comunicamos, colaboramos y llegamos a diferentes comunidades ampliando el alcance. 

    Con esta transformación digital en todos los aspectos de nuestra vida, las instituciones educativas están aumentando el uso del vídeo de una forma mucho más eficiente y creativa. 

    Kaltura acaba de lanzar la tercera versión de su reporte anual del "Estado del vídeo en la Educación". Este informe está basado en las respuestas de más de 1.500 participantes siendo el reporte más completo en esta materia actualmente. Este informe cubre el uso del vídeo en educación, percepciones y tendencias a nivel mundial. Con este Webinar, podrás tener una visión detallada de los puntos más importantes del informe así como de las lecciones aprendidas que se lograron capturar. 


  • You’re Live! How Schools Are Using Live Streaming On Campus And Beyond

    November 17, 2016

    Educational institutions are no longer limited to sharing events on campus in just one time and place. Now, with live online video,schools are reaching beyond their borders to a wider community of learners,parents, alumni, and more. 

    Come see how three schools have embraced live video broadcasts, for some very different purposes: 

    - Georgia Gwinnett College: Broadcasting all sports teams over the web. 

    - Missouri University of Science and Technology: Ensuring flawless live broadcast of lectures to distance learners, including DVR. 

    - University of Central Oklahoma: Multiple uses, ranging from student evaluations to musical performances and commencement. 

    Whatever event you want to broadcast, get the best practices from the masters of live video.