Format: 2017-06-26
Format: 2017-06-26
Format: 2017-06-26
  • Get Your Employees’ Attention: What Makes MetLife’s Webcasts Special

    June 29, 2017

    60,000 employees. Hundreds of offices around the world. How would you talk to all of them at once?

    MetLife is one of the leading insurance companies on the planet, and needed a world-class way to get their employees engaged. Find out how they used Kaltura’s turnkey webcasting solution to rally their employees. 


    - What you need to architect a webcasting solution that meets your company’s needs

    - How to run a truly successful global town hall

    - What key steps will ensure you have a seamless and engaging webcasting event

    - How to build from a successful webcasting program to a full-blown cross-company engagement program

    Learn from a powerhouse corporate communications team how you can drive your own successful communications initiatives.


    Ruben Borges - Global Communications & Collaboration Consultant, MetLife

    Justin Beck - VP of Sales, Enterprise and Education