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Kaltura Cloud TV Platform

Making streams come true
For the Telco and PayTV Industry

Trusted by leading Telco's and PayTV operators

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Kaltura Cloud TV Platform – Features

Content management

Content management - Live & VoD

Simple & flexible service orchestration. Management of any metadata type for any content source in a single console


Unified live and VOD experiences design

Packages, collections, bouquets creation | External collections | Content rails edit | Categories design | Offers management


Any content type

Live linear | Live events | VOD  | EST | Time-shifted TV



VOD, EPG, subtitles & multi-audio tracks | Bulk ingest | Ingest validation


Metadata enrichment

Flexible metadata scheme | Custom metadata | Metadata inheritance & edit


Image management

Direct upload | Image edit for media asset, channel, collection or program | Image scaling & resizing

Discovery and

Discovery and

Easy content discovery, personalized and continuous experience, boosting engagement. A holistic approach for all content sources


Unified search

Internal and external content sources| Alternate spelling & synonyms | Fuzzy queries


Personalized recommendations

User-based profiles | Personalized content reordering | Personal area | Favorites | Watch list



In-app notifications across devices



Pre-integration with the most popular voice assistants​

Monetization and

Monetization and

Rich & modular approach for business flexibility. Adaptive for media & telecom use cases


All business models for all content types

Freemium & ad-based | A-T-S-VOD | Boxsets | Seasonal pass & PPV | Add-ons  & contract assurance | Eligibility & bundling


Pricing & packaging

Free trial | Upgrade & downgrade | Discounts | Multi-currency | Coupons & vouchers | Pro-rated & tiered pricing


Non-video monetization

cDVR | Download-to-go & EST | Catch-up & start-over | Household’s number of users & screens | Concurrent screens


3rd party billing integrations

Payment gateways | OSS/BSS

Targeted Campaign

Targeted Campaign

Increasing revenues by boosting engagement, retention and acquisition with tailored campaigns


In-app targeting

Individual user monitoring | TV-centric data from the Kaltura TV Platform


Targeted propositions

Offers, discounts & coupons | Tailored content propositions


In-app marketing

Real-time in-app promotions | Campaign creation | Offer design | Triggers settings | AB testing | Analytics


In-app actions

Renewal | Upgrade | Playback | Download | In-app purchase | Redirection

Rights and Lifescycle

Rights and Lifescycle

Comprehensive business rules management. Modular rules definition for media & telecom requirements



Business model entitlement validation


Geo-blocking & proxy detection

Geo whitelisting/ blacklisting | Network geographic rules | VPN & proxy detection


Concurrency management

Number of streams per household/asset/device type/live & catch-up| Concurrency rules definition | Device prioritization


Parental control

Age rating | Linear channels restriction | Rating level definition by master user

Time-shift TV services

Time-shift TV services

Fully managed and configurable time-shifted TV services for extended viewing and increased monetization 


Comprehensive TSTV services

Pause & resume | Restart | Catch-up


Download to-go


Fully configurable cDVR

Support for private or shared copy | Recording cap configuration per usage unit/ content type/ availability duration

Devices & UX

Devices & UX

Same Experience across Multi-Devices



Flexible Software and UX Choices
Operator | 3rd Party | Kaltura


Set Top Boxes
Android TV- Operator and Retail | Legacy STB Migration


iPhone | Android Mobiles


iPad | Android Tablets


Smart TV
Smart TVs with Google / Android TV | Samsung Tizen Smart TVs | LG WebOS TVs


Apple TV | Amazon Fire TV | Android TV Sticks | Chromecast


All major web browsers | Integrated with your website

Device management

Device management

Device-level control of the TV platform and software roll-outs. Full support of both managed & un-managed device app versions 


Registration & management of multiple devices


Limitation setting/ configuration of number or types of devices being used


Devices’ configuration management

SW updates | Selective features deployment | AB testing

TV Player & SDK

TV Player & SDK

High-performance player, designed for media applications. Impeccable viewing on any device



Fast-loading | Light-weight | Optimized QoS | Ads pre-fetching


Wide support

8000 device types | Native SDKs | All formats, standards, codecs & streaming protocols | Server-side & client-side ad insertion



Subtitles | Multi-audio | Multi-language | Interactivity | Casting | Responsive UI | Playlists | Accessibility | Customizations



Enhanced plugin management & modularity | Ad-servers | Analytics systems (Google Analytics, NPAW Youbora) | DRM


User management

User management

Unified & simple management of household accounts, user profiles, personalization, data protection & privacy


Household management

Users | Subscriptions & purchases | Payment info | User analytics


Master user configuration

Parental control | Purchasing PIN | Payment method | Addition/removal of devices or user profiles  | Self-care APIs


User profiles 

Shared purchases | Watch list | Notifications | Social login | Friends’ activities | Action log

Media preparation
and distribution

Media preparation
and distribution

End-to-end SaaS service for media preparation, from ingestion to delivery. Full support for live linear and VOD content


VOD media preparation

Singular & bulk ingest | Cloud-based transcoding | Just-in-time packaging | Metadata processing & enrichment | Content normalization


Live media services

Content acquisition | ABR transcoding | Packaging & origination | Recording & TSTV | Powered by AWS


Workflows management

Video transcoding  control | Encryption at rest



Pre-integrated with leading CDNs | Support for public & private CDNs


Universal syndication

OOTB syndication to YouTube, Facebook, Roku, Yahoo | Partner-specific integrations

Business & QoE analytics

Business & QoE analytics

Data-driven service operation & continuous optimization for increased engagement & improved business outcomes



Real-time monitoring & optimization | Video & user behavior metrics | Customizable dashboards | Alerts & notifications


Business insights

Content, audience & campaign performance intelligence | Multiple data sources integration | External campaign tools integration


Data export reports

Productized reports | Near-Real-Time reports


Anomalies Detection

Identification, detection and alerting of service anomalies | Pre-defined customer KPIs

Kaltura Cloud TV Platform – Benefits

Increase revenue
and net promoter scores

Increase revenue
and NPS


Getting more eyeballs watching your content



Having the latest and greatest features



Making more $$$ with your content



Finding ways to keep your audience on the service

Super aggregation

Super aggregation

Customers want everything in the same place


Kaltura Cloud TV enables this with

Playback adapters

Deep linking

SSO & billing gateway adapters


Same experience across
multiple devices

Same experience across
multiple devices


Complete device support

Mobile | Tablet | SmartTV | Streamers | Set-Top-Boxes | Web

Consistent UX | Follow me experiences

Up-to-date device support

Cloud native
technology experts

Cloud native
technology experts

High availability, greater scalability & increased flexibility


99.995% service availability

Iron Shield- real-time service availability assurance


Multi-million viewers concurrency support

Cloud elasticity


Feature velocity

Feature-based deployment


Increased operational efficiency

Reduce costs

Focus your team on business value add



Managed service

Managed service

SaaS environment management

Operator-grade SLA

24/7 pro-active monitoring

Tier-1 customer support

Dedicated & shared cloud model

On-going maintenance

Regular infrastructure upgrades

Broad and flexible ecosystem

Broad and flexible ecosystem

Business partner and technology integrations for all your needs



Payment gateways

Ad servers

Campaign management



Business Analytics

Quality of Experience Analytics



Transcoding | Packaging | Origination

Dynamic ad insertion





Content discovery & recommendations

Metadata enhancement

Client applications




Content Delivery Network

Award winning

Award winning



Proven track record

Proven track record





Experts at migrations
and insertions

Experts at migrations
and insertions

Kaltura has completed 12 legacy migrations & insertions


Back-End Migration

New backend

Update STB client


Legacy STB Enrichment

Add new features

STB talks to legacy & new backend


Commercial Migration

Cap old and grow new

Side by side operation

Light integration


Cloud Migration

Unifying clouds

Using new back-end

No service interruption

The Kaltura advantage

The Kaltura advantage



Powering some of the world’s most prominent Telco & Media brands



Productized offering, expandible as your service grows with high customization



High feature velocity, innovation and platform vision