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Kaltura Virtual Classroom

Engage your students with interactive online learning experiences

Be there in a click

Kaltura Virtual Classroom is the easy-to-use and comprehensive solution for all your online teaching needs. Leverage interactive tools and powerful collaboration features to deliver engaging learning experiences to your students, no matter what subject or teaching method.

Powering learning experiences for leading organizations

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The most powerful teaching platform 

Create your online and hybrid learning experiences the way you want them with Kaltura’s highly customizable and reliable Virtual Classroom solution, built for engagement and collaboration.

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Easy to use

Kaltura Virtual Classroom makes online teaching easy and fun. Join your virtual classroom with a single click, no downloads or installation required. With Kaltura’s intuitive interface, it’s all about you and your students.

Kaltura Virtual Classroom

Make it yours

Your Kaltura Virtual classroom is persistent and brandable. You can customize it and prepare it ahead of time. Come back and find your virtual classroom as you left it.

Engage Learners With Interactive Tools
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Build your online course with confidence

You’re in good hands. The Kaltura team has longstanding expertise powering any virtual classroom at any scale with high reliability. In case you need us, we’ll help you quickly and efficiently via Kaltura’s expert live chat, email, and Academy Support channels.

Prepare class in advance-
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Built for teaching and learning

Persistent rooms
Digital Whiteboard
Breakout rooms
LMS integration
Live quizzes and quick polls
Cloud recording
Screen sharing
Moderator controls
Multiple chat functions
Classroom branding options
Multimedia playlists and YouTube integration
Student permission management
SSO compliance
And more!
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What our customers are saying

I love the convenience of Kaltura Video Platform. It is built into my university’s LMS and does not require any download. I like the video functionalities with screen sharing, audio, and webcam recording within an easy-to-use platform. Also, this platform allows you to upload and store media into your repository to later use across any of your online courses.

Valamere M., Instructional Technology Assistant.

Kaltura is the best thing that has happened to classroom lectures. I like the ability to screen record with voice-over for PowerPoint, etc. presentations. This allows for lectures, talks, etc. to be reviewed at a later time with all annotations and presented information in addition to the verbal content.


Brian U. Collaboration Portfolio Product Owner

Kaltura is a great platform to post videos. I loved the level of professionalism. Streaming was fast with no glitches. I got my work done quickly thanks to their excellent streaming quality.



Debby F., Teacher.

Kaltura is a very stable feature-rich virtual classroom solution It is easy to use, once it is configured how you want it to be. The tool is incredibly robust and can do so many things.



Administrator in Hospital & Healthcare

Kaltura makes uploading and embedding media easy! I used the platform various times to record and upload/embed videos for speech classes and it was relatively easy to use each time.



Sidney S., Education Management

Kaltura is extremely useful, simple to use but still has a vast amount of options to explore. The classrooms are very straightforward from set up to delivery, to exporting the recording. Really like how the interface can be customized by each learner. Kaltura is also very quick to help with problems and find solutions to improve your work.

Dan D.

The opportunity to bring in an online learning environment that meets the needs of all those different types of learners and age groups, and allows us to do all of the engaging, collaborative learning experiences online, in that virtual environment in an effective manner really drove to the Kaltura product.

Jeanna Pignatiello, Chief Academic Officer, Stride Inc.

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Key Features

Join in a click

Kaltura Virtual Classroom is cloud-based. No download or installation required.

4K video quality

Enjoy a crisp clear video stream on any device, without lagging.

Breakout sessions

Divide your class into smaller groups for better collaboration and a more personal approach.

Persistent rooms

Prepare your classroom ahead of time or continue a session where you left off.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze student engagement and session performance with granular metrics.

Customer Support

Feel confident with the help of Kaltura’s expert support via chat, email, and our Knowledge Base.

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Start Using Kaltura Virtual Classroom Today!

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