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Kaltura and partner innovations

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Kaltura offers the widest choice of pre-integrated, best-of-breed technological partners

Innovations from Kaltura and our Partners

Business insights dashboard

Business insights dashboard

Empower your business decisions by analyzing your business performance




Empower your business decisions

Data-driven TV experiences

Improve user engagement and NPS

Optimize business offers and campaigns

Maximize content performance


Extensive data sources

Multi-domain insights

Data privacy


Variety of measures
Service Acquisition

Service monetizations

User Activity

Service Cancellation

Subscriber churn rate

Content performance

Content audience profile

System health

System health

Monitor Latency, Success & Errors Count and Ratios, with a holistic view of playbacks, households, users, devices, catalogs, entitlements, offers, EPG, recordings, and more



Unified monitoring dashboard

Improve SaaS operations

Real-time and historic performance to measure health

Detect trends over time

Quickly identify and resolved issues

Pro-actively maintain system health

Enrich the user experience



User login, User registration,  Device registration, Playback, Purchase, Entitlements, Recordings, Channel Line-up retrievals, EPG retrievals, Service-Cancellations requests and others etc

Flexible granularity and drill in

Long data retention

Video analytics

Video analytics

All the video analytics you need to run a successful streaming business



All-In-One real-time video analytics

Viewer QoE and QoS

Audience consumption and engagement measurement

Advertising analytics


Enable with one click

Pre-integrated with Kaltura Apps and Player

Mobile | Tablet | SmartTV | STB | Streamers | Web


Optimize your viewer’s video experience

Real-time measurement

Proactive problem avoidance and resolution

Identify and prioritize affected users

Maximize monetization

EPG ingest monitoring

EPG ingest monitoring

A single, centralized and visualized dashboard to view and monitor the EPG ingest status and detect and identify errors, in real-time




Detect and fix errors in real-time

Visibility for Operations Team



View and Monitor EPG Ingest Status

Clear status/errors/warnings per each ingest job

Summary of Ingest Jobs

Per Program Breakdown

Targeted campaigns

Targeted campaigns

Empower your user engagement with targeted campaigns



Increase user engagement

Tailored promotions and notifications

Time-limited promotions

Increase sales | Reduce Churn | Boost NPS


Business Stakeholder Benefits

Evaluate and improve decision making

Promote new content and offers

Marketer campaign creation and tailoring



Coupons | Gift cards | Discounts

Transactions | Subscriptions | Boxsets


Target audience

Device & user level control



Manage your campaigns

Single interface for all campaigns

Complete lifecycle management

Multi-value search, filtering & sorting

Campaign Info | Audience | Promotions | Notifications

Campaign performance monitoring

Business reports

Business reports

Empower your data analysis with multi-domain reports



Comprehensive Reports Suite

Consumption | Users | Devices | Transactions | Entitlements | Errors


Business Stakeholders Benefits

Measure & understand service performance

Optimize business strategy | Increase retention & user engagement


Large use case coverage

Household & user growth & changes

Device usage

Monetization activity

User Preferences and completion rates


Empower your business analytics tools

Build your own queries and reports

Integrate with your existing BI tools

Feed your analytics systems | recommendations engines | service assurance systems

Ad monetization

Ad monetization

End-to-end advertising solution, providing an OTT platform coupled with an ad server, to manage the content and ads in one system, deliver them and track their performance



Provide new and improved revenue streams

Increased Ad Fill Rate and Revenue

Additional revenue from video Ad marketplace

Business and Targeting Rules

Optimize with Real-time Analytics



VoD and Live Ad management

Server-side ad insertion

All ads managed in one location with simple UI

Ad performance dashboard

Integrate Any Demand Partner


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