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Kaltura Streaming Platform

Making streams come true
For the media industry

Making streams come true
For the media industry

Trusted by leading media companies

Kaltura Streaming Platform

Make it big time, in no time


3 months from

contract to deployment


A turnkey solution


Low entry cost

Kaltura Streaming Platform – Features

Content management system

Content management system

Simple & flexible service orchestration. Management of any metadata type for any content source in a single console


Unified CMS
Intuitive and easy-to-use content management
Workflow management


VoD Management
Metadata enrichment | Catalogue management


EPG Management
Live metadata ingest
Realtime metadata management
Simulive channels | FAST channels


Collections and promotions
Rails and menus


Unified search


Personation | Profiles | Interests | Behaviour
Search and viewing history
Location and profile



Rich & modular approach for business flexibility. Adaptive for all media business models


VoD and live ad insertion
Integrated with your ad management system
Increase revenue from targeted ads
Optimise with analytics


Subscription management
Tiered subscription plans
Promotions | Upsells


Pay Per View | Coupons


TV Boxsets
Subscription and PPV
Binge watching – autoplay and skip


Payment gateway
Stripe, Google Store and Apple Store pre-integrations
Custom adapters for bespoke integrations


Ad Management
Optional Kaltura ad management system
Ad marketplace

User & device management

User & device management

Unified & simple management of household accounts, user profiles, personalization, data protection & privacy and device-level control of the streaming platform 


User management
Household management
User profiles
User concurrency controls and upsells
Parental controls
Language selection


Device-level control
Device concurrency controls
Content rules by device type
Device registration and concurrency upsells

Media preparation
and distribution

Media preparation
and distribution

End-to-end SaaS service for media preparation, from ingestion to delivery. Full support for live linear and VOD content


VoD Media preparation
Bulk ingests and uploads
Fast transcoding and metadata processing
Automated workflows simplify operations


Live encoding
Cloud-based live channels
Integrate with existing live channels
Rapid setup of event channels


Digital Rights Management (DRM)
VoD and Live


Content Delivery Network (CDN)
AWS CloudFront or Akamai
Highly competitive price based on Kaltura global scale
No hidden extras



Data-driven service operation & continuous optimization for increased engagement & improved business outcomes


Standard reports
Actionable insights
Playback log
Users | Households | Entitlement | Transaction reports


Advanced reports
Enhanced, in-depth reporting
Entitlements and Transactions
Playback and Device


QoE / QoS Analytics
Monitor and prioritize issue mitigation
Increase retention and user lifetime
Understand and build the perfect user path


Business Insights
Improve user engagement
Analyze performance trends | Identify immediate actions
Monetization analysis | Optimize business offerings
Develop content strategies | Increase user engagement and content performance

Client applications

Client applications

Consistent looks & feel and user experience across all devices, with follow me


Brand attribution
Logo | Colors | Fonts | Language(s) | Rails


Mobile and Tablet
iPhone | iPad | Android


Smart TV
Smart TVs with Google / Android TV
Samsung Smart TVs


All major web browsers
Integrated with your website

Kaltura Streaming Platform – Benefits

Increase revenue
and Net Promoter Scores

Increase revenue
and NPS


Getting more eyeballs watching your content



Having the latest and greatest features



Making more $$$ with your content



Finding ways to keep your audience on the service

Expand your services as you grow

Expand your services as you grow


Kaltura Streaming Platform

Fast time to market




The full power of the Kaltura Cloud TV Platform

Seamless migration

Infinite customizations and integrations

Proven track record

Kaltura has a proven track record





Award winning

Award winning


The Kaltura advantage

The Kaltura advantage


Powering some of the world’s most prominent brands



Productized offering, expandible as your service grows



High feature velocity, innovation and platform vision


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