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Kaltura Training Platform

Connect with your customers, increase product adoption, and become an ROI-positive team using our unique branded video experiences.


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Nurture meaningful relationships with your customers

Onboard and enable your customers through branded video experiences like product demonstrations, training sessions, and one-on-one discussions. Easily create interactive and engaging workshops and webinars that will maximize customer satisfaction and drive upsells with Kaltura’s unique all-in-one video solution for customer education.

Trusted by 1,000+ leading brands & organizations

Deliver an outstanding brand experience from the get-go

Creating customer-facing video experiences has never been easier. No need for designers or IT to help you set up a new session. Our Training Platform lets you customize, brand, and reuse templates to create any event type you need, from simple interactive training sessions all the way to your own customer education academy.

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Create sessions that stick

Training your customers is much easier with tools like the whiteboard, quick polls, and a dedicated Q&A chat. Not everyone could make it? That’s ok. We know how crazy schedules can get. Record your sessions and they will automatically be available to your customers, at the same URL!

Run smooth sessions

Prepare your session ahead of time to give your customers a smooth experience that’ll keep them coming back for more. Conveniently upload files and multimedia to your playlist. You can leave your session and come back. Don’t worry, everything will be exactly as you left it.

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Tech you can trust

Your customer education sessions are powered by Kaltura’s robust video technology adhering to the highest enterprise standards. Kaltura’s platform also complies with the strictest security requirements so everything is airtight, and sensitive information is never compromised.

Still relying on surveys?

Kaltura’s analytics dashboard lets you keep track of registrations, attendance, viewing behavior, attendee engagement, streaming performance, and all across live and VOD. These granular metrics will help you improve your sessions, calculate your ROI, and report to management.

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Our key features

Fully branded experience
Advanced analytics
Polls, quizzes, and whiteboard
Real-time notifications
Live reactions
Group and Q&A chat
Branded registration form
Session moderation and Q&A
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Why Kaltura Training Platform?

Deliver a branded experience

Run impactful customer education sessions on a platform that you can customize to fully reflect your brand identity and company culture.

Train and onboard your customers the way you want

Easily create any type and size of customer education session with templates, whether you’re planning a live, prerecorded, or interactive event.

Deliver sessions on-demand

Record all your sessions, edit them, and share them on-demand to maximize your ROI and offer your customers more flexibility.

All-in-one experience

You’re going to love having everything you need in one  place. Your customers won’t need to hop between different platforms or download anything. It all happens in-browser.

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What our customers are saying

Kaltura excels in innovation and cutting-edge procedures, which demonstrate the benefits to the end users. The design of the Kaltura event platform can be largely configured without the need for professional knowledge. This is useful for teams with limited staff or budgets.

I used Kaltura for our internal large meetings and large scale virtual events and it’s a smooth and amazing experience.

Kaltura is extremely useful, simple to use but still has a vast amount of options to explore.



Set up your next customer education session in no-time

Simply choose the session type you wish to create to get started

Pick from our templates or start from scratch and create your own

Add your session details and customize it to fit your brand and your goals

Set up your session from start to finish: invite participants and speakers, prepare the registration form, notifications, polls, and so much more.

Publish your session and manage smoothly it with our moderation tools.

Use Kaltura’s advanced tracking features to keep tabs on what’s happening with your session in real-time

Ready to take your customer education to the next level?

Let us show you how you can leverage your educational content to engage your customers, drive adoption, and boost upsells and become a positive ROI team. With Kaltura’s Training Platform, you can run your single sessions and learning programs, and even scale up and create your own branded academy.  

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