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Innovations from Kaltura and our partners

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Innovations from Kaltura and our partners

Video analytics

Missing content, needed from Miguel/Pazit

Business insights

Business insight dashboard – know your business​

Business intelligence enabling to create data-driven TV experiences, improving the user engagement and business outcome by taking immediate actions ​

Empower your business decisions​

  1. Improve user engagement by analyzing performance trends and identifying immediate actions​
  2. Optimize your business offerings, based on monetization analysis ​
  3. Develop content strategies to increase user engagement based on content performance​

Business Insight Dashboard​

Business Snapshot​

An agile, high-level analysis of the overall video service business performance​

Service Acquisition​

Understand and monitor user base expansion and user acquisition performance​

Service Monetization​

Analyze subscription Revenue trends and seasonality with different breakdowns according to commercial packages, payment type, product type or country​

Subscriber Activity​

Monitor the activity of acquired users​

Service Cancellations​

Monitor Users’ cancellations and understand the main ​
characteristics their cancellation​

Content Performance​

Content watch habits including most successful content and ​
consumption types.​

Advanced reports

Content missing, needed from Miguel/Pazit

User dynamic profile report

User dynamic profile report


OPC audit report

OPC audit report


EPG ingest monitoring dashboard

EPG ingest monitoring dashboard

Provide a single, centralized and visualized dashboard to view and monitor the EPG ingest status and detect and identify errors, in real-time ​

    1. Clear status/errors/warnings per each ingest job​
    2. Summary of the status of the ingested jobs​
    3. Breakdown of the program’s status per job​
    4. List of errors/warnings per program​
    5. Visibility for operation team

Pay per view for live events

New commercial offer type that will allow monetizing a premium live-event​

    • Provide a new revenue stream​
    • Mainly for live sport events​
    • Create and manage price and metadata of the PPV for live offer ​
    • Associate offer to live event using OPC, API and ingest

Targeted campaigns for TVOD offers

Targeted campaigns​

Create, manage & monitor your campaigns, for discount or coupon promotions, through an intuitive configuration console, using historical customer data to identify the right targeted segment ​

    1. Empower your marketer to create new campaigns for different time period

    1. Target your audience and segment your customers​

Select the best promotion for your customers​

    1. Notify your customers on the right time with the right message​
    2. Measure the campaign success​
    3. Manage all your campaigns in one console
    4. Simple UI for marketer to configure campaigns​
    5. Different type of promotions, including discount or coupon on TVOD offers​
    6. Target the audience, based on their purchase history or based on a pre-defined external segment​
    7. Track the performance of the campaign through our transaction reports​
    8. Manage campaigns lifecycle, configure as draft, publish the campaign to activate it, watch campaign history and more​

Ad management and monetization

Ad monetization​

End-to-end AVOD solution, providing an OTT platform coupled with an ad server, to manage the content and ads in one system, deliver them and track their performance​

Provide a new revenue stream or an improved one providing more demand on top of what they have ​

  1. Manage all video ads in one location (both direct & indirect)​
  2. Define your business and targeting rules in a simple to use user interface using an intuitive management console​
  3. Measure your ad performance with real time analytics dashboards and make data-driven decisions with changes applied within minutes​
  4. New revenue stream for customers that do not have a current ad stack​
  5. Increasing fill rate (and revenue) for customers that have an existing ad stack by providing more demand​
  6. An advanced user interface allowing to define targeting (by country, OS, time of day, custom parameters and more)​
  7. Integrate any demand partner (including Google DFP)​
  8. Server-side ad insertion (ad stitcher) solution​
  9. Video ad marketplace: connect with global advertisers to reach the right audience and improve fill rates​
  10. Simple VAST tag integration with the Kaltura player​

Big-screen realtime IOT notifications

IOT realtime notifications​

Content editors, operational teams and marketers can create and send notifications in real-time, to any type of client-application device​

  1. Push technology for real time or scheduled notifications – EPG/channel line-up updates, urgent system announcements (earthquakes, hurricanes etc.) ​
  2. Wider reach – Supports all devices, both big screens and small screens​

System Announcements Realtime Notifications​

    1. Create notification in OPC/API – Text, Image​
    2. Manage or delete existing notifications ​
    3. Target different types of users – all users, logged in or subscribed only​
    4. Flexible windows updates- real time/scheduled ​
    5. AWS Amplify SDK should be installed for IoT compatibility

System health dashboard

System health dashboard

Monitor your system services performance, the system health dashboard provides a holistic view of Kaltura TV Platform services through different time periods and under various consumption loads​

  1. Empower Operational Experience for SaaS​
  2. Monitor Kaltura TV platform domains with real time monitoring experience​
  3. Quickly identify problems on your TV Platform environment.​
  4. Detecting anomaly trends across time periods on following days/weeks/months​
  5. Navigate from monitoring the platform​
    domains to detailed service events.​
  6. Single dashboard to monitor Kaltura TV platform top services ​
  7. Collection of different KPI measurements with Long retention – up to 1 ½ years ​
  8. Multiple measurements of the top services such as Playback, Household, Devices, Catalog, Offers and others​
  9. Different granularity resolutions of the data: ​
  10. Events Count – Cumulative of the number of events captured in a time period. ​
  11. Success Ratio – The success ratio of the total events captured in a time period.​
  12. Avg Latency- The average latency of the total events captured in a time period.​
  13. Percentile Latency – The 99th percentile value in a time period, presenting the points at which 99% of the traffic is experiencing latency less than these value.​