Kaltura Premier Partner: VideoKen

Supercharge your videos with AI-powered deep indexes

VideoKen’s powerful, but lightweight embedded video player, provides unique capabilities to summarize the key topics within a video and navigate to the topics of interest.  This helps deal with the problem that virtually no one has the patience to fully watch informational videos being created by organizations for learning, sales enablement, marketing and communication.  Our unique capabilities are built on a foundation of cutting-edge research involving Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. VideoKen holds 6 granted US patents in video technology.

Making videos less opaque and more transparent

The VideoKen AI Player segments videos into topics, tabulates them into an index, and lets users navigate to a specific topic of their interest in every video. Users can find the key phrases in each video and track them on the video timeline. Users can also look for sentences and words in a video with a simple text search. Navigating through a video has never been easier!

Valuable deep video analytics & insights

VideoKen does deep data analysis of every video including its usage and performance. Beyond just the base metrics, VideoKen’s dashboard provides information such as how many people watched a complete video, which parts of the video they viewed the most, what are the topics of interest inside a video for each viewer, where did the viewer drop- off etc., enabling video production to be highly data driven and data centric for maximized benefits.

Dig more value out of videos than ever

When the VideoKen AI Player indexes videos, it automatically generates a transcript of the video using advanced speech-to-text technology. The auto-generated transcript is embedded into every video, by default. This automatically enables video SEO on every webpage that the video is embedded on, helping drive further traffic. VideoKen has a built-in CTA feature that enables video creators to add varied kinds of CTAs within the videos to improve lead generation and engagement. Videos become much more powerful tools with VideoKen’s value added services.

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