Kaltura Premier Partner: TouchCast

Create unforgettable presentations.

With AI-powered background removal, TouchCast Pitch keeps your face on top of your screen, helping you deliver a professional presentation no matter where you are, while keeping your audience focused on you. Add documents, images, websites and videos into your pitch and your audience can dive in deeper whenever they want to. No follow-up emails. No attachments. Just your story, details included.

So easy, you already know how to use it.

TouchCast Pitch was built from the ground up to fit the way you work. Whether you want to import slides from your existing presentation software or create a Pitch from scratch, you’ll be ready to dazzle your audience in no time.

Perfect for every occasion.

There’s nothing like the human face for building trust. From client presentations to product demos, training webinars, town halls, executive briefings, educational courses and team meetings, TouchCast Pitch makes every communication more authentic and more impactful.

Elevate any video conference.

No matter which solution you use, TouchCast Pitch turns it into a more memorable experience by adding your face on top of your screen, even when you share your presentation.

Record, edit, share, and track.

Measuring engagement has never been easier. Pitch lets you edit your presentation before you share it, then tracks who received it, what they clicked on and how engaging they found it. Which in your case will be, well, a lot.

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