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Kaltura Premier Partner: Powtoon

Create awesome videos and presentations in minutes.

With hundreds of ready-made templates and a huge library of royalty-free footage, music, scenes, characters, props, fonts, and more, Powtoon makes it easy for anyone to quickly create professional-looking videos and presentations for work, school, and everyday life, without the need for technical or design training.

Powtoon + Kaltura

Powtoon and Kaltura have partnered to enable users of both platforms to seamlessly access the Powtoon Studio directly within the Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) environment. Kaltura users can now easily create, share and distribute Powtoon videos and presentations within the familiar, trusted confines of the KMS portal.

Powtoon for Enterprise

Whether at C-level, in marketing, training and development, HR, IT or customer support, more than 96% of Fortune 500 companies leverage Powtoon to easily create professional, fresh and enjoyable visual communication materials to increase employee engagement, customer delight, and business results.

Powtoon for Education

Grab your students’ attention and teach in an engaging, memorable, and impactful way with the power of Powtoon. Save time on lessons and education materials, unleash your student’s creativity, and make learning fun.

Powtoon for Fun

Use Powtoon to transform complex ideas and concepts into easily digestible and entertaining videos and presentations that will make your message unforgettable.

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