Kaltura Premier Partner: Pigeonhole Live

Virtual and hybrid audience interaction platform

With live Q&As, polls, chats, reactions, quizzes and surveys that seamlessly integrate with top video and virtual event solutions, Pigeonhole Live empowers you to run engaging meetings and events – virtual, in-person, or hybrid.

Pigeonhole Live supports direct native integration with Kaltura MediaSpace, with a custom built module that allows adding a Pigeonhole Live widget to a Kaltura media asset.

Run productive and engaging meetings

No more disengaged, bored, & silent attendees – keep your attendees engaged even when they are on mute! Collect questions, run quick pulse polls, brainstorm ideas, and play quizzes alongside your video conference.

Bridge the gap in hybrid meetings

Pigeonhole Live is perfect for getting your virtual and in-person attendees to interact and connect in a common space with Q&As, reactions, chats, and quizzes. It works perfectly on its own and alongside Kaltura powered videos!

Create vibrant virtual events

Easily embed Pigeonhole Live next to your live stream or webinar to add interactivity and engagement to your virtual events. With engaging chat rooms, competitive quizzes, vibrant emoji reactions, and a powerful Q&A tool, virtual attendees can interact and feel connected to other attendees and have a ton of fun, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Take control of your events

Collaborate with your team to manage and curate high volumes of audience-generated content efficiently and discretely with our advanced moderation functions like Q&A and chat moderations, text answers, direct admin replies, and more.

Advanced analytics

Capture all your interactions in one place with our advanced analytics and get a complete rundown of all the questions, votes, and answers sent by each attendee.

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