Kaltura Premier Partner: Peer5

Peer-to-Peer Serverless CDN

Peer5 offers a unique content delivery peer-to-peer based network that helps deliver mass-scale video content. Peer5’s offerings include the live streaming CDN, radio streaming CDN, big object downloader, on-demand video CDN and the image loading service. Peer5 is leveraging WebRTC as well as connecting to popular video players. With a unique hybrid approach the technology adds a peer-to-peer delivery layer on top of HTTP that makes it easy to integrate. The efficiency and reliability of these services will help ensure outstanding service.

Massively scalable video streaming through a peer-to-peer network

  • 95% Bandwidth Reduction
  • Improved Viewer Experience
  • No end user installation needed
  • Reliable – used daily by large corporations

Robust, state-of-the-art ECDN deployments

  • No changes to the existing streaming stack
  • Peer5 works with any HTTP based CDN
  • Hybrid on-prem caching and multicast deployment are supported too
  • Enterprise grade analytics and monitoring included

Add Peer5 from Kaltura

  • It takes 30 seconds to add Peer5
  • No changes to the code
  • The player loads Peer5 Javascript instantaneously
  • Secure WebRTC based technology

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