Kaltura Premier Partner: Newrow

Learn together. Work Together.

​Thousands of customers enjoy using Newrow to conduct small to large classes with up to 25 webcams on stage, interactive webinars, face-to-face tutoring, virtual advisory boards, customer service, employee development, remote learning, blended classes, consulting, and more. Newrow specializes in delivering innovative solutions for real time video, virtual instructor-led training (ViLT) and virtual classrooms. Newrow solutions enable customers to have a real face-to-face experience online as dynamic and inspiring as being in the same room.

Newrow for Training

Frictionless Flow of Information.
If your team is not up-to-date, then you are missing an opportunity.  With Newrow Smart, you are able to deliver education fast to ensure everybody is informed.

  • Web based, virtual classrooms, and webinars
  • Collaborative whiteboard and file annotations
  • Upload, share, and reuse training material
  • Record to create valuable training assets

Newrow for Education

Engage Your Students Online.
Newrow Smart is a virtual classroom platform built for teachers and learning professionals. Newrow Smart is easy to use which means your instructors can focus on teaching, your students on learning.

  • Web based, virtual classrooms and webinars
  • Whiteboard, quizzes and breakout rooms
  • Cloud storage to upload and share course content
  • Record + archive for absent and studious students
  • Deep integration with top learning management systems

Newrow with Kaltura

Real-Time Video Integration.
Newrow-Kaltura real time video integration provides a real time video collaboration platform within the Kaltura platform that helps your organization learn and work together.

  • Real-time, video collaboration
  • Cloud recording to save your real-time sessions
  • Share Kaltura media in real-time with participants
  • Recordings automatically added to your Kaltura media

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