Kaltura Premier Partner: Hive Streaming

Enterprise video distribution, solved!

Hive Streaming provides efficient and secure software-based video delivery solutions. Their service enables enterprises to leverage existing investment in hardware and bandwidth so employees can view high-quality on-demand and live video on their own devices. Hive Streaming seamlessly integrates with leading enterprise video management and conferencing platforms.  The cost-effective, software-only, peer-based solution can help your organization embrace video.

Discover the power of Hive Streaming

  • Secure
  • Simple to deploy
  • Delivers the video
  • Protects the network at all times
  • Requires no ongoing configuration
  • Install an agent and/or WebRTC compatible browsers

Smarter video distribution starts here.

Hive Streaming serves enterprises who embrace video communications and are looking to provide the highest quality video experience with minimal expense and impact to their enterprise network.

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