Kaltura Premier Partner: Display5

Digital Media on Display

Display5 is a digital media communications platform that allows you to manage your digital media content on a network of digital displays.  The platform enables you to create shows using powerful tools and dozens of widgets. Their architecture, integration and enterprise class software provides a simplified and powerful platform for your organization to manage your digital displays across your organizations.

What does Display5 let you do on your digital display network?

Single platform for managing all your digital media on displays

  • Greater control
  • Easier to manage different systems within one infrastructure
  • Increased flexibility for deployment of content
  • Simplified compliance and support for IT
  • Increased capability across network of screens

Give Your Kaltura Video Assets a Whole New Life

  • Seamless integration
  • Cloud or on prem
  • Display5 and Kaltura providing integrated solutions:
    • Display5 digital sign with QR code displayed
    • Consumer scans QR code with mobile
    • Triggers video to consumer’s mobile
    • Track that the vi

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