Kaltura Premier Partner: Brand3D

Inform, engage, and inspire with video creation made easy

Brand3D is a leading B2B SAAS company that provides a fully integrated Kaltura Module, which takes any 2D presentation and turns it into an interactive, animated and immersive 3D experience. Kaltura end-users can interact with 3D content directly in the Kaltura Media Player or as stand-alone experiences presented alongside videos in the Kaltura Media List or integrated with Kaltura Application Framework via an LMS platform. Unlike with Virtual Reality (VR) technology, our 3D experiences are available on any device and integrate with both recorded video and live streaming on the Kaltura platforms. Users can participate in joint viewing of 3D scenes or dive into personalized learning in a 3D environment and their interactions can be tracked using the Kaltura video analytics tools. By moving from linear video or streaming to an interactive metaverse, educators can enhance learning with more engaging content and better track the impact of their learning material. Users get more actively involved in the presentation both online and offline leading to improvements to content, communications, and measurable outcomes.

Brand3D + Kaltura

Brand3D’s deep Kaltura integration enables you to access the 3D Creator directly within your Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) or Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) environment. Augment your existing video library with interactive 3D or create new 3D objects alongside your videos and embed them into any web page in the same way as you embed videos today. Build on Kaltura’s full suite of capabilities to edit, track, embed and distribute your 3D content from within your trusted Kaltura portal environment.

Visual storytelling with the Explainer Metaverse

Over the last 10+ years, Brand3D has built a platform used by over 100,000 3D artists who create, visualize and distribute 3D content to a massive global audience. Using Kaltura’s powerful video and streaming platform, we have evolved this into the world’s first combined media platform, which brings video and interactive 3D together to form a powerful visual communication platform for individuals, teams, and enterprises allowing them to quickly create interactive experiences by a few mouse-clicks. Start creating engaging, life-like, animated 3D explainers with no coding and no learning curve. Get started in minutes using our video guides or template library!

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