Kaltura Premier Partner: Annoto

Unleashing In-Video Collaboration and Insights

Annoto is a revolutionary platform that transforms how organizations and consumers communicate and learn around digital video content — positioned at the most critical place of the learning system, between the user and the video content, giving the ability to have the most impact on the user learning process and the video content delivered.

Annoto + Kaltura

Annoto and Kaltura have partnered to enable organizations to unleash in-video collaboration and insights in one click.


  • Transform individual content consumption to collaborative experience.
  • Bring the benefits of in-person experience to on-demand online learning.
  • Gamification
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Improved learning experience

Instructor & Faculty

  • Curate and monitor student activities
  • Gain insights on the video content
  • Implement blended learning methods with learner participation
  • Gain continuous enrichment of video content


  • Learner satisfaction and engagement→ Stickiness → Retention → Growth.
  • Overall (cross-platform) insights on media consumption and user activity.
  • Empower Knowledge Sharing Culture

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