Kaltura Premier Partner : Glimpse Group

Glimpse Group + Kaltura

Open up a world of exciting augmented and virtual reality experiences for students and employees, all fully accessible, supported and administered from within your existing Kaltura environment. Our integration delivers real ROI, easy updates and prevents content silos.

Post Reality + Kaltura

Project images, video, 360 video, 3d objects and more on smartphones or tablets. Media may be hosted and streamed from Kaltura onto either hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets, or head-mounted displays like Hololens and Magic Leap. In addition, a self-serve menu synched with Kaltura can allow for quick, easy creation of AR expriences on scale.

Adept Reality + Kaltura

Train employees or students in virtual reality. These environments provide a cheap, safe space where individuals can practice muscle-memory exercises whether it’s on an assembly line at a factory, or performing a surgery at hospital.   Integrating Adept with  Kaltura allows importing and exporting of media into the experience, as well as quick, easy recording of it for review and compliance.

Other XR experiences

Use any of the other XR solutions provided by Glimpse Group in conjunction with Kaltura to teach and delight users. Whether it’s Kabaq, an application for food ordering and delivery using 3d objects, or Foretell Studios, a social VR platform.