Kaltura Partner: Cattura

Cattura Video: CaptureCast Multi Channel Recording & Live Streaming Appliances

All-in-one recording and webcasting appliance for lecture capture, meeting and conference capture, medical simulation and healthcare training, legal affairs, and virtually anywhere live training, or critical business communications need to be captured. CaptureCast is simple to use, highly integrated with Kaltura, and streamlines the entire Audio/Visual production workflow.

  • Record from 2-6 video camera or screen inputs with native Kaltura rich media playback
  • Webcast 2-6 video camera or screen inputs as one rich stream in Kaltura
  • Concurrently recording on-demand masters while live streaming, in full HD

  • On-demand & webcast event scheduling synchronization with Kalytra scheduling service
  •  Presentation capture for automated chapter points and slide text search, no plugins
  •  Smart media production workflows to streamline entire end-to-end solution
  • Command center app to centrally manage, & monitor every networked appliance

  • Secure communications between hardware and Kaltura using application tokens
  • Open RestAPI for seamless integration with 3rd party AV hardware and software
  • Joint philosophy on open lecture capture standards with non proprietary hardware