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Hi there,
I gathered some of the insightful webinars we hosted in the past months
I hope you’ll enjoy watching it in the comfort of your own home

TV's Journey to the Cloud

In this session we’ll discuss several aspects of Cloud TV transformation:

  • What would be the steps and considerations in transitioning to the cloud?
  • What are the business outcomes that can be achieved?
  • and of course, how can this be leveraged in the future to meet both consumer demand and business requirement?

Vodafone TV Legacy Enablement and Migration

This session will reveal Vodafone’s approach to allowing service migration and continuity for existing users in legacy platforms alongside enablement of Vodafone TV within new subscribers, using a single Cloud TV platform, which serves Vodafone TV in their 9 active markets.

You’ll hear Wolfgang Zeller, Head of Video Centre of Excellence at Vodafone and Shuki Eytan Senior VP of Accounts at Kaltura speak about what’s important when dealing with legacy migration projects.

How to Optimize Your Subscribers' Acquisition and Retention

In this session we’ll discuss the driving forces behind the aggregation trend and why it is here to stay.

You’ll hear directly from two industry leaders on  how they are mastering the super aggregation approach. They’ll share ways to improve subscribers’ retention, creative and practical ways to boost new users’ acquisition and engagement, and how you should start implementing this approach within your existing service.

Getting Discovered and Boosting Audience Reach with Universal Syndication

Hear first-hand best practices from ZEE5 Global’s Chief Business Officer, Archana Annand, about how they are mastering the universal syndication approach while reaching 76 million viewers across 190 countries.