Video Editing and Enrichment

Online video editing and enrichment within the platform

With in-platform video editing tools, you can trim videos or create clips of the most interesting parts. Add subtitles and cue points to enable chaptering, advertising and deep search. Leverage editing tools to encourage user and employee participation. Then add more features to make the videos more interactive, engaging, accessible, and powerful. Kaltura’s editing tools work together so users can edit even feature-rich videos that include captions, translations, multiple synced video streams, and more.

Chapters and Slides

With personal video capture, create videos with synchronized, searchable slides, then add chapters for easy navigation.

Thumbnail Creation

Generate thumbnails from videos or upload external images. Capture, crop and adjust to get the best result.

Time-Based Data and Cue Points

Add cue points to your video files to enable all sorts of time-based functionality, such as chapters, polls, and timed advertisements.

Video Captioning

Add captions and even translations with Kaltura REACH. Choose from instantly-available Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) or fully-accessible Human-Based Captioning. Both options can ordered easily or even automatically, and will seamlessly appear on your video as a closed-caption option without any work from you. Transcripts can also be altered in an easy-to-use editor. Ensure accessibility and improve your SEO and discoverability with automated captions.

Trimming and Clip Creation

Trim or create multiple clips from a single video. Each clip will get its own embed code and metadata,while remaining associated to the original video. Trimming tools are available both to administrators and site users. You can also chop and splice, using Kaltura Video Editing Tools to quickly and easily remove pieces from the middle of your media, like an intermission or a technical glitch.

Interactive Video Quizzing

Increase the effectiveness of education and training by including questions and solutions in the video experience. Online Video Quizzing increases engagement, enables measurement, and provides a new way to improve learning outcomes.

Interactive Video Paths

Drive deeper engagement and meaningful data with personalized video paths in which viewers can ‘choose their own adventure’.
interactive video


Add calls-to-action and links to additional information as hotspots anywhere in your video. Create buttons linking to other pages that will appear at the time you choose, and customize their appearance.

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