Video Analytics

Make sense of your video data

Kaltura Video Analytics gives you a window into your audience engagement and your video streaming quality of serviceGet detailed dashboards that give actionable insights on engagement and video usage. Optimize your video content to meet your viewers’ needs and achieve your goals, while fine-tuning your delivery performance to ensure a perfect viewing experience. Kaltura Video Analytics gives administrators the tools they need to make sure they meet their video goals. 

Get More Data than Ever Before

See beyond simple playback to discover who your audience is, what engages them the most, and what drives the most value.  

Dive Deep

  • Slice and dice your data and filter according to source, geography and technology to get a better understanding of your audience and the way your content performs.   
  • From account view to a single media entryget insights at a high-level account overview, through categories, and down to a specific entry and individual viewer – with video heatmaps at the user level 

Gain Actionable Insights

  • Make data-driven decisions – View data highlights and daily insights on your media engagement and usage to make data-driven business, operational, and technical decisions.      
  • Optimize your content – Discover your most valuable assets with unique engagement funnelscoring and ranking. Know who your leading contributors are and find out what content is the most viewed and shared amongst your audience.   
  • Identify trends  Compare time periodsidentify seasonality, and meet and exceed your KPIs.   

Monitor and Troubleshoot in Real Time

  • Monitor and analyze video stream performance – Use Enterprise eCDN and playback analytics for both live and VOD.  
  • Improve your overall network performance and quality of service – Discover congestion areas, identify bottlenecks and troubleshoot in real-time 
  • Streamline live events – Enjoy quality of service dashboards integrated directly into the webcasting application.  

Track User Actions Across Every Platform

Kaltura was among the first technology companies to be certified compliant with the IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Caliper Analytics standard. Our analytics are also integrated with xAPI and can easily feed into Open LRS, Watershed LRS, and any other open standards-based LRS. Now you can tie your data about video interactions—including live events, user engagement, and in-video quiz results—to all the rest of your user data, giving you a 360 view of the impact of your videos.  

Integrate to See the Full Picture

View your video analytics in a larger context of your overall organizational data. Connect video analytics to your CMS, grading system, or marketing and campaign analytics, in order to see the full picture when analyzing your KPIs.