Kaltura eCDN

Powering your video delivery

Kaltura eCDN provides scalable and secure video delivery behind the firewall. Kaltura eCDN, combined with Kaltura’s industry leading enterprise video portal and live webcasting solution, will effectively deliver high quality video to an unlimited number of users, in any number of remote sites, on any device, with no impact on your network’s WAN/LAN.

Key Features


  • Dual Delivery: Enable both internal and external audiences to stream video via Kaltura eCDN or a public CDN, based on your security and business requirements’
  • Bandwidth and quality control: Control the optimal experience regardless of the device, network and infrastructure.
  • Playback on all devices: Deliver to desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • VOD Prepositioning: Plan ahead by using available bandwidth during quiet hours to download content without making your viewers wait.
  • Secure delivery and control: Integrate seamlessly with available content security and protection with maximum control based on location and entitlement.

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